do any of you recall this shelnard fic where they had anal sex at Sheldon’s (I think) mother’s house? it was pretty hot but I think it got taken off. also any fics where Leonard tops? :L

Hello, anon!

I’m sorry to say that neither of us remembers that specific fic. However, I went ahead and combed through our masterlist and all of the Shelnard fics on AO3 to amass some links to fics containing ‘top’!Leonard for you! Hopefully this helps. :>

(Warning: these are rated M at minimum.)


Sheldon’s sick and Leonard ends up having to take care of him, one thing leads to another and ;D 


Perfect Match

The Homo Novus Dating Process

To Come Apart

Shut Up

Sedating Sheldon (or, Initial Calculations of the Relationship Algorithm)

More Bang for Your Buck (though I included this because Leonard ‘pitches’, it’s actually more of a bottom!Leonard fic)

Leonard’s Spot (part 2 of the The Spot series)

Red Shirt (part 7 of the Whatever Works series)

Bonus! Sheldon tops, but they stealth!bang in 4A while both of their mothers are visiting.

Trying to hide their relationship from their mothers.