The only conclusion is love.




It was evident that Sheldon loves Amy. Their friends know. They will tell you how Sheldon loves Amy.

Canon up to Season 10 Episode 24. No spoilers. I assumed Amy said yes to Sheldon’s proposal. In my heart, that’s the only way. I was inspired by this tumblr post by @tbbt-faves (

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After learning about Sheldon’s and Amy’s or Shamy’s – a juvenile amalgamation of their names engagement, Penny was on a mission. She wanted to make a video on when did Sheldon fall in love with Amy. She rooted for their relationship since she knew about it from Leonard, Howard and Raj. She knew that Amy was the one for Sheldon. No one – no women had ever made Sheldon Lee Cooper turned his head twice. Sheldon self-proclaimed that he only needed science was his key to happiness but the appearance of Amy Farrah Fowler changed that. She wormed her way into his heart became his heartworm, the metaphorical kind, not the poodle killing kind.

Armed with her recently purchased iPhone, she sought out her husband.

“Hey Leonard,” she tapped on his shoulder. Leonard who was clearly absorbed in his PS4 game ignored Penny. Penny smacked his shoulder hard and caused him to drop his controller. “Hey, that hurts!” Leonard whined. He picked up the controller and paused his game. “You have my undivided attention.” Leonard turned to Penny and smiled.

“I am making a video for Shamy’s engagement,” Penny explained. “So, when did you know Sheldon fell in love with Amy?” Penny asked as she started her recording.

“Seriously?” Leonard rolled his eyes and reached for his controller, wanting to play his game again. “Leonard, I am serious. This is my gift for them. Sheldon will probably dismiss all our claims derisively but I am sure Amy will love it.” Penny snatched the controller from Leonard and gave him Beverly’s reproaching stare. She had mastered the stare from Beverly who told her that Leonard was afraid of it since young. Just a stare it would result in him wetting the bed.

“Yes, mother,” Leonard whispered.

“Leonard, so, when did you know that our mighty, mechanical, cold, aloof robot, Sheldon falls for Amy?” Penny asked.

“Well…” Leonard thought about all the moments he witnessed Sheldon and Amy went through.


Actions speak louder than words. I had known Sheldon for almost 15 years. He never said he loves anyone, the exception was Amy. He confessed his love for her on Prom Night. He briefly considered brain parasite but knowing him, he just did not want to admit that him being a Homo Novus, needed love. Sheldon shows his love for someone through action. He did it when I was upset, he made me hot chocolate with exactly seven marshmallows. He stayed with me when Penny broke up with me. He tucked me into bed and read me a bedtime story. It was a side that Sheldon rarely showed to anyone. Sheldon Lee Cooper had a tender side. But he showed his tender side to Amy easily. His face lit up whenever Amy entered the room. He took care of Amy when she was sick. He was willing to be Amy’s snuggle bunny. He was Amy’s cuddles.

There were so many moments… that showed Sheldon fell in love with Amy before he knew. I could list a few moments.

Sheldon tried replacing Amy with 25 cats when they reached an impasse that they should terminate their relationship. He looked so lost when it was time for him to call Amy on skype. They skyped and emailed each other daily. They never seemed to run out of topics to talk. They played this lame game, Counterfactuals, they made up together.

He hugged his cat, Zazzy, close to his chest as he strolled through the twitter and Facebook feeds. I peeked at what he was looking. He was looking at Amy’s Facebook and Twitter. He sulked when there were no updates from her.

He said that Amy was a girl and was his friend but she was not his girlfriend. There was no unsanitary exchange of saliva. Yet, he looked so forlorn and depressed when Amy stopped contacting him. He was also looking at his phone. His face lit up when there was a notification and his face fell when it was not who he expected. I teased that he was expecting Amy which he denied vehemently. His facial tics told me otherwise.

Sheldon gave me the Captain Kirk Karate Chop when I told him I had more fun with Amy and my groins were a little worse for wear. Though, I should have worded it differently and not earn the wrath of Sheldon.

“SHE’S NOT FOR YOU,” Sheldon said after giving me a karate chop on my shoulder blade.

“What’s that for?”

“To send a message. SHE IS NOT FOR YOU. NOT FOR YOU.” Sheldon pointed his index finger at me and stormed back to his room. He started playing his ominous tune on his theremin.

Then I realised Sheldon was jealous and he thought I had spent the night with Amy. The next few days were incredibly miserable. Sheldon made my life hellish. Not that he did not make my life difficult but it he made it far worse. He was just being a jerk. He did not allow me to sleep at night, saying that I had to participate his weekly safety drills. He changed my bathroom schedule. He changed my scheduled timing of 7.18am. I had to sneak into Penny’s apartment to relieve myself. It was either that or the kitchen sink.

I had to get Amy to explain to him that we did not spend the night together and my pulled groin was a result of the hokey pokey. It was not because I gave Amy’s sex organs a proper jostling. Sheldon was immediately satisfied and told Amy that next time he would attend weddings or any social events with her. She was not to take me or Howard or Raj as a plus one. Amy blushed and agreed happily. I rolled my eyes at them but was glad to be relieved from being Amy’s plus one duty.

I clasped my hand over my mouth after they left for the Zoo. Sheldon Lee Cooper just agreed to be Amy’s plus one for all social events and weddings. Sheldon hated all these events. He always wriggled his way out of these events.

I snorted when he said Amy was just a friend as if I believe him.

Amy was more than a friend. Amy was ‘THE ONE’ for Sheldon.


“Great!” Penny pressed a kiss on Leonard’s face. “Wanna come along?” Penny hooked a finger at Leonard and winked. She was clearly excited over the Shamy’s engagement.

“Nah. I am going to complete the game.” Leonard turned his attention back to his game.

Penny ran down the stairs and thought of whom she should interview next.

She did not notice Wil Wheaton as she banged onto him, she was deep in thoughts.

“Woah Woah, Penny, what’s the hurry?” Wil chuckled. “Wil? What brought you here?” Penny asked her co-star in Serial Ape-ist 2: Monkey See Monkey Do. We both agreed not to talk about the horrendous movie. “I heard about the engagement of Sheldon and Amy. I brought them a gift to celebrate their engagement.” He held an intricately wrapped gift to Penny’s eyes level.

“I am also making a gift for them…” Penny told Wil about her video project and he agreed readily to be interviewed.


“AHEM,” I cleared my throat and looked at Penny’s iPhone. She smiled encouragingly.

“So… how do you know Sheldon loves Amy?” Penny asked.

How did I know Sheldon loves Amy? I guess it was when Sheldon called to ask me for advice. He was livid that his friends, namely Leonard, Penny, Howard and Raj, insinuated that he had feelings for Amy. He was confused as to why Amy wanted to go on a date with Stuart, the pallid, sickly Stuart who clearly had no future. How could Stuart tickle Amy’s intellectual fancy? He hated when Stuart called Amy a dynamite lady. How dare Stuart shared a pumpkin spice latte with Amy? How dare Stuart spread his germs to his Amy? Stuart was evidently not Amy’s match. I asked him who was. He answered determinedly, “ME. ONLY ME. I AM.”

He did not understand what Penny meant by strapped on a pair. He wanted to know a way how to get Amy back in his life. I told him perhaps he could alter his relationship paradigm with Amy. I never thought that Sheldon was capable of love of loving someone else than his precious Meemaw. Well, Amy proved otherwise.

“Will that work?” Sheldon asked innocently. “Yes, of course. If it didn’t, you can put this whole Amy’s nonsense behind you. You can find another woman to be pair bonded with.”

“As if I want another woman,” Sheldon scoffed and hung up. Over the phone, I swore I could see Sheldon rolling his eyes.

Sheldon was clearly excited when he called me that his relationship paradigm with Amy had been altered. Amy was no longer just a girl who happened to be his friend. Amy was his girlfriend now. I congratulated him and he thanked me for telling him what to do.

Then it was the night where Sheldon took a bus to my house without his bus pants, wanting to defend his woman’s honour. I led him into my living room after he vomited on my shrubs. Anne would be displeased to learn that Sheldon had vomited on her shrubs, which painstakingly planted.

“You really love her, don’t you?” I asked as I placed a warm towel over his face. It was funny. I never thought this childish man child would be able to love.

“Yes,” he answered almost childlike and giggled. “I love Amy Farrah Fowler. She’s a part saint and part squirrel. She’s so beautiful. Sometimes I think I don’t deserve her. She removes Brazil nuts from the Planters mix nuts for me. So, I don’t need to see them. Even Leonard doesn’t do that. But she loves me. She won’t leave me, right? You tell her I beat a sorry out from you. Ok?” Sheldon pleaded. “I went to the cardiologist to check my heart. Whenever I see Amy, my heart skipped a beat. The cardiologist said that there was nothing wrong with me. I should get myself check again.”

“Buddy, that’s love. Whenever I see my wife, my heart skips a beat. Until this very day, it doesn’t change.” Sheldon nodded and beamed. “That’s just malarkey. If my heart skips a beat, it means that something is wrong. I really need to go for a routine check-up.”

He still regarded Amy as his girlfriend when he said he prepared the ring for her. He was planning to take the next step with her. He did not regard Amy as his ex-girlfriend. The ring was beautiful. It belonged to his nine fingers Nana and was a family heirloom.

He looked really broken when I left. I said goodbyes in his room. He mumbled goodbyes and pulled his blanket over his head. The last time I was in his room was when Amy contacted me to cheer Sheldon up. He was devastated because he made a mistake in his calculation for some, eh, I can’t remember, some sort of elements. Yet, he was not broken. He gave the honours of blowing the whistle to Amy which she declined because a good girl does not blow. It was her Mum’s teaching. The way the two of them interact was strange or rather weird but they were comfortable with the interaction.

These two were made for each other.


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