I saw your post regarding the prompts and it reminded me to give you one. It would be lovely if you’re willing to write number 68 since I love all kinds of hippy-dippy things. Take your time and love your works!

Thank you, anon. Have a great day 😃

Sheldon stared at the ring box in his hand. What had gone wrong? He replayed his conversation with Amy in his mind. She found their relationship emotionally and physically challenging. Why? He had recently proclaimed his love for her and was much better with physical contact. Sure, he still had a long way to go, but he was improving. It didn’t make sense.

He had come up with the perfect plan to propose to her. It was their fifth year anniversary. What better day to propose than on the date they first met? Even he knew that was romantic. He had spent all afternoon preparing a home cooked meal with all of Amy’s favorite foods. Next they watched one of her favorite romantic French films. She had rested her head on his shoulder, and he didn’t shy away as he once would have. Then they had made out like randy teenagers.

Everything was going according to plan until he began his proposal speech. He had rehearsed it in his mind for a week. Not once did mirage Amy get upset. Yet when he spoke the words aloud to real Amy, she didn’t even let him finish and took offence. Going all in for a long-running TV show was a brilliant metaphor for marriage. If only she had let him continue to that part.

He was going to try again during their video chat, but that didn’t go as planned either. She told him she needed time to reevaluate their situation. How much time? An hour? A day? Certainly not a month?

He sighed and carefully placed the ring box back in his desk drawer. What was his next move? “Think, Cooper,” he instructed himself.

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