Hi! First, I’d like to say that you’re awesome. I don’t know if you’re still accepting prompts but I’ll push my luck and ask you to write number 101 if you will :)

Note: This has been an exhausting, crazy week, so an innocent idea quickly turned for the worst. In other words, this is particularly silly, smutty, and probably a bit of out of character. Forgive me, and have fun. 

Despite the long travel and the late hour, Amy is actually beaming. She keeps looking at the driver’s seat, smiling at Sheldon each time their eyes met.

When earlier that night he had showed up at the airport and offered to drive her home, she simply couldn’t believe her own eyes and ears. It doesn’t matter, though, as he’s been driving for more than forty minutes and they haven’t risked their lives once.

“Why the adoring face?” Sheldon asks.

Amy grins, “I’m happy to see you. Even only three days can be a really long time,” she says.


She sighs, “Well, I’m pleasantly surprised by… this,” she explains, gesturing to him and the car.

“Of course,” Sheldon exclaims, “I followed your conference on streaming, you were brilliant. You only deserved a welcome back with full honors and commodity, and since I’m increasingly more confident in driving I thought I could make you a nice surprise.”


He turns briefly to her, “I missed you. I couldn’t wait to see you, not even an hour.”

He stops at a red light, and finds her glowing face still staring at him. She’s right, three days can be a long time indeed. Not to mention how well smiling suits her. He gulps when his mind dares to think of how he hoped they may celebrate once home.

The traffic light turns green, and Sheldon tries to focus back on the road, “Don’t give me that face, it’s so cute I might not be able to hold back,” he mumbles.

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