Here a prompt: 84. It’s a bit odd but I think it can be fun ;)

Hi, thank you for this prompt! This is possibly the strangest prompt I’ve ever received, but I decided to write it as a Shamy with Halley fic. As always leave me a review to tell me what you think!

It had been half an hour since Amy said she would arrive home but there Sheldon sat, alone on the sofa in 4B waiting to start a date night. It was unlike Amy to be tardy so Sheldon decided to call her and ask what was keeping her. Just as he reached into his pocket to retrieve his phone, he heard Amy’s voice outside the front door. Sheldon rose to open it, but paused when he heard her talking in an unnaturally shrill pitch.
Cautiously, Sheldon opened the door to find the last thing he expected – Amy carrying a toddler on her hip.
“Amy!” He whined, “What’s going on? I thought tonight was date night”
“It was, but Howard popped into my lab as I was leaving and asked if I could pick Halley up while he and Bernadette go for a baby scan. He said they would only be an hour or so, so we can still have a date night once this little one goes back home” Amy cooed, eyes fixated on the little girl in her arms.
“Very well” Sheldon surrendered as he opened the door wider for the girls to enter the apartment. He had mostly learnt not to argue with Amy when she wanted something.
“Okay little one” Amy started as she put Halley and her changing bag down on the teal sofa, “what do you want to do? Are you thirsty?” Halley just looked up and smiling and babbling.
“Remember she’s not our child, I doubt she can even form coherent words yet” Sheldon piped up from the kitchen, causing Amy to roll her eyes. Amy began to search through Halley’s bag and quickly realised it contained nothing that would entertain the small child.
“Sheldon there aren’t any toys in here” she informed him. Instead of being awkward like he naturally is, Sheldon offered a solution:
“I have a paint set in the closet that I bought as my nephew’s Christmas present, but I’ve got plenty of time to buy him another set”
“How does that sound?” Amy asked Halley enthusiastically. The little girl waved her arms around and began to squeal.
Sheldon didn’t know how it happened, but he had gone from peacefully waiting for date night to trying to control a paint-covered toddler in less than an hour. Amy on the other hand was in her element. She had spent the evening watching her fiancé interacting with the toddler – a glorious glimpse into her future, providing Halley hadn’t put Sheldon off of children for life. Amy had gone to the kitchen to prepare some snacks, and continued to watch the strangers bond with each other. Suddenly, despite Sheldon’s best efforts, Halley flung her loaded paintbrush into her hair and began to cry.
“Oh no, sshh don’t cry” Sheldon soothed. Amy returned to the makeshift art studio and also tried to calm her down.
After Halley’s initial shock had passed, Sheldon tried to get through to the toddler. “That’s it, just relax, I’ll wash your hair for you”
“You will?!” Amy asked in disbelief.
“Yes, I’m not having a one year old running around our apartment with hair full of paint” Sheldon sneakily left out the fact that he actually enjoyed Halley’s company more than he had expected. With this, he picked the little girl up in one swift move and carried her to the bathroom as he began to explain the meaning of the lighting bolt plastered on his chest.
“I’ll be there in a minute” Amy called, still swooning over the prospect of Sheldon as a father.