Mayim Bialik – digital portrait – made with pr…

Mayim Bialik – digital portrait – made with procreate:

Hey! Did you know @missmayim will be live today at 4pm PT for a Q&A about @groknation? While you wait for it, you can watch a timelapse of my digital portrait of her! Complete video on my youtube channel! You can also read my bonus chapter of my fanfiction too!! already posted!!!!

She got your attention with cats, I tried with my best portrait. YES IT’S A DRAWING, swipe to see a preview of the video. This portrait took me 14h (not counting editing later.) Done with procreate + apple pencil + ipad pro. With my good hand of course. I published this one on her birthday. No idea if she saw it, she probably thought it was a photo, like a lot of you told me too *sighs*.

Mayim’s live it’s quite late for us (Europe in general, and not to mention Russia and Asia). Maybe I will connect a little, it’s 00 London time. Damn timezones differences, I have to work tomorrow.

I always did a drawing to thank her if she posted one of my drawings, I can’t do it now, but I’m posting this instead. Thanks Mayim. If you see this, enjoy the video.

Happy Sunday everyone! Enjoy the video too! If you like my drawings, consider to take a look to my patreon page (link in bio). Thank you!

Original image—> Q&A interview for PopSugar, photo credit James Banasiak (@jbanasiak ), for the #girlingup tour.