Amy looked up at Sheldon as the first notes began to play. Here it was: their first dance as a married couple. She could hardly believe this whole day was real and happening. It was almost too much to take in. She wanted to soak up every moment and remember every last detail of this day. Her arms wrapped around Sheldon’s neck as they began to sway.

“Hello, husband,” she said, grinning.

“I believe I prefer Dr. Husband,” Sheldon said straight-faced, but Amy caught the mischief in his eyes. While a statement like that would normally elicit an eye roll from Amy, she was so euphoric from the day’s events she couldn’t help but giggle.

“Fine, then I am going to insist on being called Dr. Wife.”

“As you should be. We have equal titles; it’s only fair.” He leaned in a bit closer. “Hello, Dr. Wife,” he greeted in a slightly lower register.

“H-h-hi,” Amy responded, a shiver going down her back. “So, is this dance what you’d hoped it would be?”

Sheldon paused. “I believe it is. It has felt more satisfactory to participate in these wedding traditions than our plan to wed at city hall. I’m glad we waited.”

“Me, too, although I admit it feels a bit odd having everyone staring at us.”

“They’re not staring at us.”

Amy was startled by his comment. She could feel all eyes bearing down on them. Every time she made eye contact with one of their friends, they would give a thumbs-up or raise their glass in support.

“What are you talking about? Of course they’re staring.”

“Yes, they’re staring at you. Even I am aware that eyes usually go to the bride at weddings. And you, Amy, are a truly beautiful bride,” Sheldon explained, beaming down at her, taking in the sight of her lacy dress, tiara, and glowing face.

“Sheldon,” she breathed. Sometimes this man could be the sweetest person she’d ever known. She composed herself enough to add, “You look incredibly handsome as well.”

“Thank you.”

They continued dancing, letting the music wash over them as they pondered their journey that got them to this day.

“Isn’t it interesting the last time we danced like this we were dressed up as well?” Sheldon asked.

Amy smiled, fondly remembering the night of their prom. “That night was quite special.”

“It was.”

“You finally realized you love me.”

“Nonsense, I realized it long before then.”

“Really?” That had always been Amy’s hope, but they’d never actually discussed it.

“Yes, of course.”


“Believe it or not, I’m not sure I can pinpoint an exact moment. I have tried, but perhaps those feelings were always there. I can tell you that my trip riding trains was the first time I would admit it to myself.”

“So I really am the best thing to ever happen to you, huh?” Amy asked with a little smirk, repeating the words Sheldon had spoken only a couple of hours before.

“Amy, we’ve already concluded the vows portion of the wedding, and I know you heard mine because you couldn’t stop smiling the entire time I recited them.”

Amy just stared at him, waiting for him to cave.

Sheldon sighed and pulled her closer as he kissed her forehead, just as their song ended. “Yes, you are.”