The Reclusive Potential

My heart. Is so full. right now.

* Amy’s little screams ‘I’m getting married’ please and thank you

* The whole conversation in bed. They were so sweet to each other. I liked he just didn’t care less about strippers or whatever and just was worried about sunburns.

* THE CUDDLING Guys it was even better than the pic, Sheldon resting his face on her, the whole sweetness of that aaaaah

* I… I have really witnessed Sheldon Lee Cooper, a person who spent his life saying how science is just plain above all, who just a few episodes ago insisted in isolated himself to his studies… someone who once wouldn’t have thought about it twice and moved on that cabin right away… we witnessed him, basically saying ‘okay but… screw this, I miss my Amy’ DID WE???

* Peter MacNicol was hilarious though.

* Amy Farrah Fowler is a precious creature and must be protected at all costs. Seriously, if you weren’t in love with her before this episode you have to be now.

* And above all, Mayim’s acting was A+

* I mean, I lost it at the Riverdance.

* Or all those faces.

* Speaking of Riverdance, okay and the tag?

* Starting with a sweet morning kiss on the cheek

* Continuing with that speech. Sweet and silly as it was, it kept going on the theme of loving the other no matter how they are and excuse me but I need more kleenex now.

* Another kiss?!? Like twice in an episode? * incoherent noises *

* ‘I’m the only man you do that for’ with that look? He was turned on af and I fight anyone who tells otherwise.