Is anyone else watching Young Sheldon? I absolutely love the show. I find that sometimes I look more forward to it than to TBBT. As the mother of two special needs children I identify with Mary and her struggles. Mary is quickly becoming my favorite TV mom of all time. She is caring, understanding, and fearlessly protective. A true momma bear. Iain is a terrific little actor. He puts depth into the character that is beyond his nine years. I can easily believe that he is a boy genius. Not just a precocious kid parroting lines.

When the show was first announced I was worried about one thing. How would they reconcile Young Sheldon with the Sheldon we know today? How did the Robotic Sheldon he earlier describes being become a loving snuggle bunny with a wife and friends. Now that I have watched the show I find the opposite is true. How did this sweet boy. Who loves his family, is well cared for and loved. Fully supported and treasured. Become the Sheldon we saw in earlier seasons?

There’s not one episode of Young Sheldon that I’ve been disappointed with so far.