Among all the things I loved about the finale, I’d love to discuss more about the fact we finally met the Fowlers, and got a glimpse more in Amy’s family. If you are around here for enough, you probably know how annoyed I was Amy was the only main character whose we barely had a background. Sure, she often mentioned her mother, but her memories were mostly awkward to plain terrible (I know nowadays the sin closet is about fun and dirty activities, but I don’t forget it was actually about a borderline abusive episode). I wondered if her mother was really like that, or her memories were partially biased like Sheldon’s. I mostly wondered if Amy was in that all alone, or she might count on someone – in other words, where and who in the world was her father. The bad news is that Mrs. Fowler seems to be exactly the overprotectice, bossy bigot that Amy recalled all this years (to be fair, she also seems to love her child, even if in a slightly toxic way). The good news is that Larry Fowler exists, showed up, and apparently he is the sweetest man on this earth, who loves his girl to the moon and back. At first, they showed us like remissive and shy (Btw, I loved how they played with Teller’s signature silence). Soon enough however, you see there’s more than that. When Amy asks him what’s up, he mocks the situation behind his wife’s back, and exchange a conspirational look with his girl. Later, he refuses to defends his wife (who was wrong) and thanks Penny for standing against her. And I died of feels when I saw the way he looked at his daughter while walking down the aisle. Have you noticed how he does not once look away in that moment? He is proud and genuinally so happy for her. So sure, Amy’s early life keep having been tough, but now we know there was someone to protect her and support her, and her dad is this person. We will see if we will know more (I had read about the possibility of having then back, hence the recasting to Kathy Bates for Mrs. Fowler), but at least now we can see we saw something and there’s not the void anymore on this part of the story.