Everyone complain about Sheldon having changed all the time and I have so much trouble understanding them. He has been a dick since season 1, most of the times we couldn’t really blame him though because he was different and it was really hard for him to empathize with others, but it didn’t make it easier for us to do not hate him. Also, we wished he could be nicer so his friends could be happy too. He was condescending, rude, mean and more than often a big asshole to everyone in his life. He was everything anyone would avoid in their lives and still the show wanted us to like him. Then we did. Right after that, they introduced a life-changing character into Sheldon’s perfectly monotonous life: Amy. Everyone was reluctant about her, especially because it would mean Sheldon would have to change and now that we were alright with how terribly annoying he was, we didn’t want that. In my case, I did. It doesn’t matter what’s your view on his personality, he still was made to be relatable and most of the people alike wanted for him to be able to change. I wanted that, too. He was always talking about how he hated people and how he didn’t believe in love, how funny would it be if he actually fell in love?

And he did.

Their relationship was good at the start, but as Amy fell in love with him it turned a little bit toxic. It was fun to watch him being mean to his friends sometomes because we knew they liked him, or at least, accepted him that way. But with Amy, it was more complicated. She was in love with him, and as she never experienced something like it she was very scared of losing him, and so she let him be jerk to her all the time. I know I was not the only one who was uncomfortable at times, because it felt bad she was being treated that way. He took her for granted; never praising her or her job, underestimating her, getting jealous everytime someone liked her more than him. God, sometimes he didn’t even listen to her or was so full of himself he didn’t even let her speak. To be honest, they were a horrible pairing. Either he changed, or they broke up.

The writers did both. She broke up with him and it changed Sheldon. He didn’t understand what he did wrong thought, but he knew it must’ve been something and so he tried to get her back by changing, step by step. It was nice seeing him so aware of his own attitude for a while, finally Amy was treated with respect. The relationship got better after they went back together, but it wasn’t fully healthy until this season.

I stopped watching halfway the season because of life stuff, so yesterday I binged all the episodes I had left. It was so… human. Sheldon was a sweetheart, and we did see how much he loves her. Last season was awesome too, he supported Amy’s decisions and was gently and caring to her. He insisted she went to Princeton and did his best to manage without her, not wanting for her to give up her dream. But this season not only they were extremely domestic and cute but the writers took us into a journey to acknowledge how much Amy changed Sheldon and he changed her. It wasn’t bad, because some changes are not, regardless what you been told. He got better with people, he understood everyone has feelings as strong as his and he must be careful. He treated almost everyone with respect and got treated the same. And he, finally, showed Amy the love she has been waiting since season 4. He prepared this whole party for her birthday and was so genuinely excited to make her happy. It had no evilness in it, he just wanted to be nice. That’s what Amy did to him.

Then, and one of my favorite parts of the season, Will Wheaton invited Amy to Professor Proton. I honestly thought this whole new Sheldon was going to fell apart but instead he told her the news and felt bad to discover she didn’t do a lot of things to do not bother him. Toxicity, as I mentioned. And then he said this,

then later this

And I am just so proud. This change wasn’t a quick one, it took years and years but finally he matured. That is character development, when you take this amazing flawed character and get them better, let their scars shine and make them be okay with everything they been though until they don’t matter anymore and can finally be happy.

credits to @platypus-quacks-too for the gifs

I can’t sleep and I just read this *applause*

This. ^ this shows how much Sheldon grows. I was particularly happy when he said it was both amy and his breakthrough. He is no longer that condescending. He grew up. You know for a show that long, if the character dont grow, it means something is wrong. I love the past 3 seasons of Sheldon.