Hello sweetie! Can I request parallel gifset? …

Hello sweetie! Can I request parallel gifset? More specifically, the scene where Amy says about time travel and Sheldon responding with 'I love you so damn much' reminded me a bit of scene from 10×6 where Amy says about being suprised and Sheldon's response 'Don't get me all randy!' I love both scenes so much because this is pure Shamy – intelectually compatible couple of dorks 🙂 Take care!;)

Hi there, sweetie! 
Thank you for this suggestion. That was really spot on! I hadn’t realized how perfectly symmetric the two moments are: 

1. Amy says something clever
2. You can clearly read his turned on face on Sheldon
3. He expresses his appreciation and love, with words and gestures (please, remind that in one case it was a shameless pat on her posterior lol)
4. Amy is flattered and enjoys it

Here it is!