Hi! I love your blog, and obviously we all lov…

Hi! I love your blog, and obviously we all loved the wedding episode, but if you could change anything about the episode, would you? I would change two things: I would have Meemaw at the wedding. And I would throw in a line saying that Missy's husband (the one she's now separated from) works at Red Lobster. 😀

Hi there, my sweet anon! 
Honestly? The episode was very, very close to perfection. Yeah, I’d probably have had Meemaw as well, and definitely, I would have found a way to include the unaired tag. That was a lovely tribute to prof. Hawking and such a sweet moment. Besides that, I don’t know. We know they shot some other scenes which sound nice, and we could have had them with a 1-hour episode. On the other hand, though, I have been thinking that maybe the wouldn’t have filled 40 mins and the risk was some silly B plot to fill the void. At this point, I am very much fine with what we got (with maybe the remaining deleted scenes published and or in the DVDs). I’m open to have that Red Lobster line sometimes in the future, anyway 😀