Thank you Anony! This is just over 500 words at 515! I hope you enjoy!

Amy began to pace around her bedroom nervously. Her palms were pressed together and raised to her lips as if she were praying and on the neatly made bed lay a white stick: a pregnancy test that she had just taken. Her and Sheldon were trying for a baby— for ten months in fact— and after negative result after negative result, Amy began to tremble. Was she incapable of bearing a child? Was Sheldon incapable of producing one? Had they waited too long? It had only been a minute and yet all these questions invaded her, haunted her.

Her emerald orbs shifted back to the test that was turned upside down, fearing the answer as she counted down each vital second. One minute, twenty-six seconds down, one minute and thirty-four seconds to go. Inside, she began to rant to herself; this was 2018, surely they could’ve invented a pregnancy test that could give immediate results. But sadly, that wasn’t the case as she continued to walk bath and forth.

“Amy?” Suddenly, she stopped her stride and looked towards to the door to see Sheldon, her tall, beautiful husband standing there with his tie loosened around his neck and top-button undone, “Is everything alright?”

“Yes,” She answered falsely before her frown deepened and she looked towards the test, “I mean, no…”

“Another test?”

“Yeah, it’s been a week since the last test, maybe it was too soon.” Amy explained hopefully as she wrung her hands and nibbled at her lip. She heard him sigh and heard his footsteps come closer before she felt his arms wrap around her.

“Amy, pigeon.” He began in earnest, “You need to relax. You’re exhausted, from stress, from us trying… maybe we need to take a few days to relax and not worry about it.”


“No buts.” He interrupted, “I love you and you don’t think I notice how stressed you are? I do. You take ovulation tests every week and we’ve been fornicating like rabbits in heat. You need to relax, pigeon. Stress will only make it harder to conceive.”

“I know, I just,” She paused as she looked towards the test once more. It had been four minutes since she took it and the answer was a simple flick of the wrist away, “I really want a baby.”

“I know you do. I do too.” Sheldon comforted before his lips landed on her forehead in a soft kiss. His aegean eyes landed onto the bed where the test was, “How long ago did you take that?”

Amy pulled away and shrugged, “It’s possibly negative anyway.” She answered before getting up on her tiptoes and kissing him. She walked past him and shouted from the hallway, “I’m going to get dinner started!”

“Okay!” He replied before his eyes focused on the test once more and he lifted it up and off the bed. With a shrug, he turned it over to reveal the answer before dropping it suddenly in surprise. After ten months of trying, after ten months of one-line negative results, of disappointment and doubt; now, before his eyes, there were two.

‘She’s pregnant… We’re pregnant… We’re pregnant!’