If you are still up with the ff ask game: 1, 7…

If you are still up with the ff ask game: 1, 7, 12, 23, and 38. If they are too many, don't worry and answer only to the ones you feel right 😉

Thank you so much for asking me things.

1.). How old were you when you first started writing FanFiction?

I was 26.  Old I know.

7.) When is your preferred time to write?

I don’t really have a certain time to write.  Sometimes in the morning.  Sometimes in the evening.  Just whenever I have some inspiration.

12) Who is your favorite character to write for? Why?

Obviously Sheldon and Amy.  They are so much fun with their weird, nerdy, awkwardness.  I also love their love.

23.) Do you prefer listening to music when you’re writing or do you need silence?

It doesn’t really matter.  I often write with the TV on as background noise.  If I’m in public then I usually like music because crowds can be a little too chaotic.  Sometimes I do need silence because I can get weird and start typing what I am hearing into a story.

38.) If you could collab with any other writer on here, who would it be?

You?  I’ve never written with someone else before.  I’ve had betas, but I’ve never written a whole story with someone else.  I would probably like to work with people like you who appreciate a fluffy sensibility.  But if I had somebody like Regina to help me with dirty parts, I might have a more well rounded story.