Hi ! I love your fics. They helped me getting …

Hi ! I love your fics. They helped me getting through the end of a tough and intense year in school, so thank you ! I really like your style and the way you keep Sheldon and Amy in chararcter, you're very talented =). So I was hoping, if you could write a fic where Sheldon and Amy are playing Twister. I think this can be fun. Thank you !!

Hi!  I wanted to say that lisatronic3000 wrote a really good mini story about this that I will never be able to find in a million years (In fact, I’m only about 75% sure it was her).  If you can track it down, you should totally read it.  It’s way better than this one.  I’m just saying.  If anyone has the link saved, you should share it.  It’s awesome

Anyway, thanks for the prompt.  I hope you enjoy this story.

Sorry today’s story is a little late.  Today might be my last day of internet exile.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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