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🎉Happy 3rd Anniversary @groknation! I did a new @missmayim digital portrait to celebrate it! Hope you like it! Here goes 13h+ of my life in a shape of a drawing lol. ‬

‪Why a portrait for today? Do I need an excuse? I wanted to draw this one since a long time ago! And all of my other ideas regarding Grok Nation involved the little blue brainy that I loved so much. I included it in my drawings on previous years, and the drawing I did for the web launch. I’m not good with change LOL. Just joking! But I miss it! Well, what I really wanted to say is that I think it’s brave to have personal projects, and more brave to make them happen, and grow, and to keep believing in them after years. So what I see is a brave and confident Mayim, like in this image, working for what she believes, sharing what she likes and what she thinks it need to be shared. Personal or otherwise, she shares a lot with us, and I think that’s really brave.‬

‪So happy anniversary to this project, that I’m sure it started as a hope, and it continues as an enthusiastic place for Mayim to be herself. I will continue enjoying the topics she shares there, not all of them, definitely not the grapes-that-burns recommendations, but yes to tech & nerd topics, to women and science, and more specially all The Big Bang Theory thoughts, feelings, behind the scenes and everything related to this show. Because it’s what I always look forward to see, to be honest. Come on, you know me already, I’m obsessed, what can I do?‬

‪Hope you guys enjoy my new portrait. Did you noticed I added the hair from the top of the head that is not on the original photo? Original pic from the photoshoot for Darling Magazine, I already did a pencil portrait of the other photo, do you remember it? I’m sure not, it was 2 years ago… not important.‬

🌟 ‪To Mayim and the Grok Nation team, enjoy! Regina‬

‪(oh and for the ones who read my silly thoughts, I’m sure nobody did, I will be live later drawing!)‬

‬💕‪ ‬

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So, so beautiful!! Great work!!

Thank youuu