Hi! As your inbox has reopened (yay!) I have a…

Hi! As your inbox has reopened (yay!) I have a suggestion if you like it – Amy finally getting to talk comic books with Sheldon and his reaction 😏😂 Feel free to go crazy with the fluff 🖤

Note: This is set right after the end of The Comet Polarization (11×21). I know zero to nothing about comics, so blame on google and the Wonder Woman movie if I stated something wrong. Also, surprise! I told you I may have be able to write a thing.

“Why are you reading a comic book?” Sheldon asks Amy as he enters their apartment. This is such an unusual thing to do, for someone who always says comic books are silly.

“Denise recommended it to me. It’s the Rebirth Omnibus. She thought it would be a good entry point for me into the DC Universe, and I have to say, I really do like…”

“Amy, I’ve talked a lot about comic books lately,” he interrupts her. He likes talking about them, but he is spending already so much time today on that topic. He’d rather discuss some science or which movie to watch for their next date night, “Can we talk about something else?” He says then. Despite this being perfectly reasonable, Amy throws the comic book on the coffee table grumbling. When he gets closer to kiss her, she surges off the couch and storms out of the room, shouting back she is going to take a shower.

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