Big Bang Theory.

Ok, I’m going to talk about something very important to me. It probably sounds atupid to others so if you ignore this then that’s ok. Let’s talk about Big Bang Theory for a moment and why it’s dear to my heart. I seriously dont know why i love this show so much… I can’t really explain it. I mean, i relate to a lot of the characters. Pieces of them i relate too. The show calms me down when i have anxiety attacks or feel really sad… It’s what i watch when i need a laugh… Sheldon is my favorite character.. People wonder if he has autism or something and i honestly don’t care because him being relatable in a few ways already is more then enough. I love how they don’t label what they have IF they have anything at all. Big Bang Theory has meant so much to me and idk why.. But I’m extremely sad that this season is going to be the end… I just wanted to say thank you Big Bang Theory for making me smile, laugh and cry…. You will be missed and I’ll be watching reruns till the end.