You guys know I love doing something special for the Shamy Anniversary, but maybe we can do something for Lenny and Howardette too!  September 27th is a new episode day, but it’s also the anniversary of the pilot, which means it’s the anniversary of Leonard and Penny meeting too.

I think for that day, I would like to write something fun about Leonard and Penny.  If you guys want to join in, I’ll make a point of reblogging your gif, art, puppet show, whatever.  Like on the Shamy Anniversary.

I’m always in for anything cute, sweet and to celebrate the people and characters we love. No sure what I can do for that day as I’m working on a drawing for the 27th, but knowing it, eve if it’s a sketch, let’s do it!

count on me, and I want to read whatever you plan to write!!! 😀