Hi! First of all I love all your gif sets and …

Hi! First of all I love all your gif sets and your little fics I don't have a Tb but I've been following your work..you see just today I read a fic about Amy getting pregnant on their 1st time and Sheldon reacts badly, it was actually good but I realized Ive never read a fanfic on this subject where He reacts in a good way I just wish for a happy and sweet fic where they get pregnant the 1st time and Sheldon isn't a jerk about it. Hope your taking request is the first I have the courage to ask😝

Note: I owe you, my sweet anon, deep and heartfelt apologies. It took me so long to get to your request, and I ended up not really

it. Because I’m dumb, I spent all these weeks reading the wrong thing, thus I understood ‘getting pregnant for the first time’ instead of ‘on their first time’. Thankfully, my friend @bigbangenthusiast received the same prompt (was it you again? Geez, now I feel even more guilty to have left you hanging so long 🙁 ). You can find her version here (No need to say, but it’s probably ten times better than whatever I could have done, ‘cause she’s great).

Anyway, I eventually continued with the ‘getting pregnant for the first time’

plot. The result is below, and yes, it’s extremely fluffy and sappy. I hope you will enjoy it just the same! 

Leaning against the car door, Amy closes her eyes for a moment and takes a deep breathe. A shy smile finally shows up on her lips as she recalls her latest visit to the doctor and the confirmation that indeed she is pregnant.

Her hand moves on her belly and she gently strokes the spot in a silent greeting to her baby. For now, she’s the only one except the doctor to know about it. After the last time, she has not yet had the courage to tell Sheldon. With an over 99% average percentage of accuracy, they had been pretty unfortunate in bumping into the one pregnancy test that gave them a false positive. Sheldon wouldn’t have admitted it, but she read the sadness and disappointment in learning that instead there was no baby on the way. She had to hold back tears herself that day, and the day after that, and everyday ever since as their attempts to become parents continue to be unsuccessful and any sort of doubts crowded her mind.

Walking toward home, Amy starts to be afraid she won’t have the strength to tell Sheldon right away, or at least in a manner that immediately reassures him that this time it is true. She can’t just throw the analysis results at his face.

She takes a few steps and finds her answer right in front of her. She smiles as she looks through the windows of the card shop and a silly idea comes up to her.

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