An EXCELLENT animation joke here!
Please note that all of this has been animated on 1’s(which is to say that each drawing is only being held for 1 frame), where most anime is animated on 3’s(each drawing held for 3 frames).
This makes the animation look especially fluid, but is extremely time consuming to do – even classic Disney cartoons tended to animate on 2’s as much as possible!

Also worth noting is the beautiful flow of S to C curves in the long hair – this is another thin that is often heavily simplified in anime.

What’s more, the entire shot is complicating the animation – the low angle with multiple head turns, the way the hand interacts with the hair, and the extreme foreshortening of the hand as it moves towards the camera.

Lovely animation combined with a wonderful awareness of the skills and pitfalls of the industry!

(This clip is sourced from an anime called Joshiraku, and the rest of it appears to be animated in a more traditional anime style)