This is the second episode of TBBT in a row that leaves me a bitter taste in my mouth and I don’t like this. It started to feel a lot like last year November episodes where Sheldon was only an annoying jerk and everyone was mean and all was played for lame jokes and the heart was lost in translation. This is not how the final season is supposed to look like. I beg them to bring me back my sweet, silly show back before it’s too late.

I feel the same. I really like Tam in Young Sheldon and was excited to see him in Big Bang. But this episode was not what I expected. This was the first time Sheldon actually annoyed me. I understand he was disappointed moving alone to California, but I got mad at the end when he left Tam alone with Leonard. He is making a tantrum because his best friend wasn’t there for him and then he just disappears 🙁 The only thing I liked was Amy being cute. I hope the season continues with good episodes like 12×01 and 12×02.

It made me laugh a lot LOL

but I get you guys, maybe I’m just enjoying what it brings 😂 I was not annoyed, but I get your point