My thoughts about 12.04

1.) Yay Tam!  I know that Sheldon really never spoke about him because he didn’t exist until last season, but it’s nice they included him at some point.  I also like that Sheldon and Tam stay friends for at least a few years.

2.) I’m glad that Penny and Bernadette are sort of looking out for Raj.  Because I still don’t like how manipulative Anu is, I was really hoping that they would sink things between Raj and Anu.

3.) During their dinner, I kept thinking about how much Raj deserves someone who is a romantic dork just like he is.  I know he’s sold on this marriage, but I really hope he meets a nice person instead.

4.) I liked when Amy said that she could be Sheldon’s best friend.  I think it’s important for people to have friends other than their significant others, I do think that Amy is really his best friend.  They traded special rings.  It’s like they are in a club.  (Also, marriage agreement, how cute?)

5.) I was kind of hoping that Tam would come have dinner at the apartment and meet Amy and stuff.

6.) I felt bad for Leonard when Sheldon said he was still his California best friend.  Sheldon is supposed to always be Leonard’s problem.  They have a bromance for the ages.

YS Bonus: Tiny Sheldon and Bernadette have a lot in common with the fitting into tiny spaces.

lol the tiny spaces! ahhaah