Mini TBBT 2/3  Sheldon and Amy 🚂

Mini TBBT 2/3  Sheldon and Amy 🚂

Little Sheldon is annoyed that little Leonard and Penny are playing “wrong” and they are too loud and disturbing his lecture about trains to his girl/friend. Little Amy is afraid that her little bestie will be hurt running with flip flops! (see my yesterday’s post).  🤣  Btw, notice Sheldon is on the floor, but he has a cloth so he is not touching the floor LMAO.

NOTE: I know we are all familiar with Young Sheldon now, but this is my version of MY little Sheldon, I didn’t want to make it be like Iain or with the clothes he uses on the show.

Working on the last one for tomorrow! You can guess it’s the golden trio!! And it’s a fun one as well!

Do you like them?? Let me know in the comments!!


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