Knowledge is power!  #InternationalWomensDay (…

Knowledge is power!  #InternationalWomensDay (drawing from March 2018)

Hi from Los Angeles!! I didn’t want to finish the day without reposting this!! As I’ve been traveling, I couldn’t prepare a new drawing but… can you believe it’s been a year since THIS happened? below the post @missmayim did to announce @groknation new design with my special version of this drawing.

Long story short, for the ones who weren’t with me then, I was injuried for half a year of my hand/arm/shoulder/neck back then. It was painful to draw and I started drawing with my left hand (I’m right handed). I did this drawing 90% with my left hand, it took me longer than usual, but I did it!! Never give up on your goals, but also, take care of yourself and your health (don’t do like me lol).

I had this drawing for 2018 women’s day, but I did a special version of it for Mayim. She posted first! hehe It was amazing but it was super hard not to say anything to anyone about what I was preparing 😆

Enjoy it again, It’s still 8th of March here in LA. The flight was good, thanks for all your best wishes on my trip. It’s a dream to be here!

I’m too tired to continue writing, jet lag is already kicking hard.