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‪🌟 TBBT SUPERHEROES 🌟 One of my fav drawings I did in 2018. It took me one month to draw them all, and I posted it the day season 12 started,‬ the same day (11 years‪ before) that the pilot aired. I wanted to do something special and this was the result! This was an idea for a videogame, or a fanfiction, or a comic! The original concept I did was in 2016 and I ended drawing it in 2018. And who knows, maybe more drawings in the future related to that.‬

‪“Caltech has been taken by Kripke and his minions. Only the gang and their superpowers will be able to stop his evil plan! Howard with his electric powers of his robot hands, Bernadette with her bio germs powers, Amy with her mind powers, Sheldon with his ability to open portals, Leonard with his lasers, Penny with her super ‬strength‪ and Raj with his stars power.” ‬ ‪🎮‬

‪Posting it today, that is the ‬penultimate week we will have a new episode. I’m working on a drawing for next week. It’s a special one and it’s taking me SO long. But it will be worth it. I update everyday on patreon about that drawing!

Have a nice day and enjoy the episode tonight! Watching it tomorrow night so, later I will be avoiding social networks as much as I can! Have fun!!

‪**Please don’t use or repost my drawings without my permission, thank you.**‬‬
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Sooo Awesome!! 😎