1500 posts on Instagram 😱 And still… they don…

1500 posts on Instagram 😱 And still… they don’t trust me 🤣

I just noticed this would be my 1500 post and I decided to repost the drawing I did for my 3 years posting here. Now 3 years and 7 months, consistently posting EVERY DAY (at first, TWICE a day), 2 of these years while working a full time job and training for international championships with my skating team.

Looking back, I’m surprised with all this journey.

Thanks for being with me all this time. 19.4k of you are now here with me, even my silly posts. That means a lot. Thanks. Also my twitter, tumblr and facebook followers, not that many, but equally important. And my patrons, what can I say… Thanks for letting me to pursue my dream of being a full time illustrator and create my own comics and illustrations. One day, I promise. I already have my first draft for a comic, of my own. And a lot of fanart to do!

it’s my 1500 post, and you may say “Oh, but you repost a lot, it’s not that you did 1500 drawings.” You haven’t seen half of my drawings tho, I don’t post all I draw. And some of my posts contains more than one drawing, so… I’m impressed anyway with all of this.

Going to continue resting my injuries, stretching and icing my butt and drawing as much as I can so I can post tomorrow a new drawing and a new chapter of my fic. If you read that far of the caption, here’s a cookie 🍪.

Have a nice Saturday. I want to draw and play games, maybe I will draw and watch gamers streaming. that’s always cool.

‪‪‪**Please don’t use, edit or repost my drawings without my permission, thank you.**‬‬‬‬‬‬
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