Anonymous suggested: Amy and Sheldon get sick at the same time now that they live together

Amy sneezed.

Then Amy sneezed again.

“That’s it.  You go to the couch,” Sheldon snapped as he pulled the pillow roughly from under her head and handed it to her.  Then he pointed to the door and Amy climbed out of bed and went to sleep on the couch.  Last time her allergies had gotten to her, she actually fought Sheldon on this, but the fight had lasted all night and she didn’t get any sleep.  At least if she gave up, she might be able to get some sleep even if it’s on the couch.

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How about a Throwback Thursday?

Here’s a story about Sheldon and Amy being sick together in their new apartment from January 2017.

Love that your are doing throwback stories!

Sick together can be a real adventure for those two lol!