More ink drawings, this is from #mermay but le…

More ink drawings, this is from #mermay but let’s use it for #inktober #inktober2019 🐠‬ ‪

Seems that Mayim cut her hair more, probably for the Carla show? It’s fun to draw her short hair version, even if I love to draw long hair. And the mermaid was a fun mix, her nightgown for the Nobel was a mermaid type of dress. I know nothing and I don’t care about fashion, but that gave the idea.

Enjoy it again, dealing with a lot of problems, my procreate app stopped working, I may lost all my drawings from there. It’s a good think I’m used to export and backup everything, but it’s inconvenient, and this comes at the worse time. Sometimes I think on purchasing a Cintiq, but it’s so expensive and it’s a big decision. I can’t invest on that when I barely make for my expenses. And my laptop is starting to have problems dealing with video. I’ll need to see what I do in the future with all this tech.

I guess for now, I will need to use only pencils and inks. 🤣 You don’t need a lot of tools to make art, that’s a good thing. But I wanted to start some digital drawings and that would need to wait, probably until next week.

Have a good Friday, I hope you are having better luck than me 😅
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