New drawing! Did you miss me yesterday? I di…

New drawing! Did you miss me yesterday? I did a little break just to take a pic and post. But I’m in the middle of a chaos, packing and really stressed. I’m happy I managed to draw a little at night, even if it’s just some quick sketches I posted yesterday before I collapsed exhausted on my bed. I will need to take down my desk soon tho. 1 week left for the moving and I’m already freaking out! 😱

I did this drawing a week or 2 ago, but I couldn’t post.

Please have in mind I’m dealing with an international moving and it’ not easy. I will try to prepare new drawings and reposts for instagram, but can’t promise I will post a lot. But I will be drawing even if It’s over some boxes as a desk, so posting on patreon as soon as I have some time to draw. I will try to ink the ones I did yesterday tonight. Thanks for your patience!

Have a good #shamysuday
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