Koala face! (June 2016!!) 🌟 patreon.com/rgbcn…

Koala face! (June 2016!!) 🌟 patreon.com/rgbcn 🌟

Sharing a very old drawing, to ask you: Please, give some love to koalas, and all the animals suffering from the Australia fires. Instead of asking you to join my patreon, I would ask today to consider making a donation to organisations helping to rescue animal


I just did my donation to @wireswildliferescue , and a lot of artist are running campaigns of free wallpapers in exchange of donations or purchases going 100% to help. I shared a lot on my stories on instagram these days. Please consider helping in any way you can. There’s a lot of organizations too! Let me know more of them, maybe people is lost where to donate.

Thank you.

(I did this background in 2016, but I never posted my little Sheldon like this. I thought it will be fun to share it more than 3 years after. )

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**Please don’t use, edit or repost my drawings without my permission, thank you. Reshares on IG stories, retweets, reblogs and shares on FB are always appreciated, don’t forget to mention me ❤️**‬‬‬‬



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