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The Emerald Vixen and Dr. Recall quick doodle based on The Emerald Vixen by Hazelra7

If you don’t know about these characters, they are from a comic that Sheldon wrote (and Stuart drew) for Amy. And if you don’t know them, then you need to read Hazerla7’s work NOW. What are you waiting for? Hazerla7 was the first author I read back in 2015 and she let me speechless with her fanfictions. I recommend to read all of her, but related to the emerald vixen go for these:

Le chatelier’s principle & Intimacy Collaboration for Systematic Desensitization (read both, set in S7, these are mandatory reading for any Shamy fan! trust me)

The comic story has a fanfiction itself, it’s incomplete but it’s too good not to read it. btw the art in the cover is mine, from 2015/2016 lol.

“This is a companion piece to the Intimacy Collaboration. Sheldon has written a comic book for Amy, The Emerald Vixen. In the story, a brilliant neuroscientist, Annie Fiona Flowers must fight against an Evil corporation, free trapped monkeys and battle wits against the cunning and mysterious blue eyed Dr. Recall.”

Do you have holidays now? go read fanfictions! You won’t regret it!

Talking about fanfics, posting later a sneak peek for D&D chapter 5 on patreon later. Working on a drawing now ♥️

Have a good Saturday!

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