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‪I have too many things to explain but I don’t have a lot of time, so here’s a little summary of my 12/03/2019 taping experience (no spoilers!!). (Sorry for my tired and exhausted face and for not looking at the right camera lol, I’m a disaster.)‬

‪First of all, the taping was AMAZING!! It was so interesting to see how they work and see all the people involved in this!! I have a great time and the unique opportunity to go to the stage after the taping!!!! WOW!!‬

‪Mayim, Melissa THANK YOU! You were so sweet to me, I’m about to cry now just remembering how amazing was to meet you both. Thanks for taking time to talk with us and for the pics! and the hugs! and the smiles!! Seriously so happy for this! 💕 ‬

‪I got to meet oscar winner Regina King!! She was so sweet!! I told her my name is Regina too and I got to take a pic with her. Thanks Regina!!!! A real queen! 😉‬

‪The whole Joe’s family was there!! it was a great coincidence!! a pleasure to meet them!!!‬

‪Thank you Mark Sweet for letting me show my portraits to the audience!!! I showed my original portraits quickly to the audience and the crew in the stage and it was amazing their response!! I got a signed print and lots of chocolates hehe, you are the best!! ‬

‪Oh! that pencil…Melissa sneaked me that pencil from Sheldon’s desk shhhhhh, don’t tell anyone 🤣 She is the funniest.‬

‪And finally, Thanks to my friend Johnny for making this possible and for being so kind with us!!! You are amazing!!!‬

‪Enjoy my pictures, me and lluis awkwardly posing around! Please don’t repost my pics without my permission.‬

LEGO WONDER AMY (video timelapse)  #wonderamy #wonderwoman #amyfarrahfowler #bigbangtheory #fanart

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I’m currently OBSESSED with a fanfiction, “The Wonder Amy Paradox” by @aprilinparisfanfic . Even being super busy with work, I started catching up with a lot of fanfiction I had pending to read (Thanks for your patience writers, still a lot to read!!).

Did you read it??? It’s the continuation to “The Wonder Amy intervention”, a fanfiction @aprilinparisfanfic did in a collaboration project with a stop motion video by @emmy4mayim , and fanarts by , @anicezshamy and myself.

Posting now the video timelapse of my fanart, as she posted a related chapter yesterday! MUTANT MONKEYS!! MYSTERY!! WONDER AMY!! GIRL POWER!! SHAMY!!

Read the fanfictions here, like and review!!

Have a good day!!


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