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TODAY IS THE DAY!! SHAMY WEDDING —> TONIGHT ON @bigbangtheory_cbs !! Don’t miss it!!! Give some 💕 to Shamy!

It’s happening!!! And I wanted to celebrate with all of you with a special drawing for a special day!

I worked so hard to finish it for today! ! Give me some love if you like it!! I hope you do!!!

Thanks to all the cast, guest stars, writers, staff, crew, and all the people involved in the show for making us smile & laugh everyday with this show. It’s just amazing to be part of this fandom, and more in days like TODAY. BRING IT ON!

Remember I will be off until tomorrow night, I can’t watch the episode when it airs, so I will have to wait. Enjoy it so much fandom! I will join the fangirl crazyness soon.

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OH.MY.GOD!! 😍😍

Can you hear me screaming!?!? This has to the most beautiful thing on my feed! Absolutely love the details!!

This one is truly a jaw dropper!


thank you!! 😀

My Royal Wedding


Hey! today a drawing based on a fic!!! woooohhhoo


I’m still thinking on this asymmetry theory. I want them to have a Nobel, I really want it. And imagine that the theory is done in collaboration? That would be absolutelly amazing. Amy gave the idea and helped Sheldon to do his magic, Leonard helping with it and maybe testing the theory… can you imagine that? I will love it!

I really want to see some professional good things with their projects!! Science bitch!!! 😎😎

I know you are all excited about kids and so, it’s canon now, but I don’t really need to see it (I know, don’t hate me! It’s my opinion!) unless maybe we have more seasons (then why not!)

I really hope to see more seasons, I’m sure the writters have a lot to tell, and I really hope the cast would love to continue if that happens. Anyway, just my dream.

Want to talk about the finale? Join me later on instagram live! What do you want me to draw for you?


Live session tomorrow!

Hey it’s been a while, but as it was my birthday and with the finale feelings, I’m so in the mood to do a LIVE SESSION tomorrow. If you want to hang out with me for a while, I will be drawing something for you! And talking about the finale!

Join me on instagram saturday 12, 18h london time!!


And about Sheldon discovering super symmetry theories thanks to Amy (and she doesn’t know she is helping first) you really need to read this fic from 2014 by Hazelra7, one of my fav authors. And seriously, read her fics, like and review. The chapter is this one:

I had to find it after the finale! 


I finally caught up with the Shamy Wedding. Do I have to say HOW AMAZING was? funny, beautiful… and full of science and nerdy things! What’s next? I hope for not only 1 more season, but more!! And more about the super asymmetry theory, a nobel? With Leonard? bring it on! 

And Stuart… hell yeah Stuart, you’re hot!


Soon I will go off until tomorrow night, I’ll be back as soon as I can watch THE episode!!!!! SO EXCITED!!! Enjoy it!!! I will join the fangirl madness soon!! Wait for me! And thanks for your kind words on my today’s drawing!!! I appreciate every single like, comment and reblog!!



Special drawing for tomorrow’s finale DONE!! Posted on patreon already. So happy I finished it on time!!!! Hoping you will love it!!

ok, so this just happened 😱

ok, so this just happened 😱

Thanks to the Big Bang Theory team on twitter!! I didn’t expect that!!