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The Big Bang Theory (2007-2019) – First and last lines 

Paintball time!! 🎨 

I get it, everyone is emotional now, it’s the last week, the last taping… But hey! New episode today! Sharing this funny drawing to make you laugh!

Drawing from January 2019 — My own version of the teams! Blue vs Red! (or Girls Vs Boys!) SWIPE!!!! Bernadette tricked Howard with kisses and she stole the Red flag! But to be honest, with Penny and Denise as well, the boys didn’t have a chance 🤣

Anu and Raj shoot each other after their fight, and poor Stuart… He is about to pass out 😂 Enjoy it!

The episode was so funny! But I couldn’t help myself and do my version *evil laughs* My fav part? Bernie running “I got the flag! Cover meeeeeeeeee!”

Have a good day!

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Mini TBBT 3/3  Howard Raj and Bernadette ♠️♣️♥️♦️

The golden trio!! And Cinnamon! Howard was doing a trick for his friends (and to impress Bernadette), but oh no! Leonard and Penny just passed them running and Howard lost his trick cards!! 🤣 Raj and Bernie can’t stop laughing at poor Howard!!

And that’s the end of this little series! Hope you like it!!!! Thanks for all your likes and comments!!! It means a lot to me!! This drawing swill be on the December pack on patreon!

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Happy Friday!!


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Snowing! (November 2016 !! )

Omg so old! I was browsing old drawings and I found these! My style was so different! You can laugh! I did!

I bet nobody remember these!!! I didn’t lol. Look! There’s Cinnamon too! LMAO

I’m preparing new drawings, so I’m reposting old stuff for some days. Enjoy them again!

Hope this helps to pass the hiatus until January!!!




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Fun with Flags! (September 2017)

These are my entries for Mayim’s fanart contest to announce season 11 last year. My Shamy one got to enter in the top 10! That’s why the text on the board is #tbbts11 September 25th.

Reposting as probably a lot of people don’t remember these ones!!! Did you remember them? Tell me in the comments!!!

Do you get the scene right? Shamy is on their FWF show, with footprints on the moon performing! Lenny and Bernie are soooooo happy to be there *sarcasm* 🤣

Enjoy them again! Preparing new drawings!



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Reposting some old drawing while I work on new ones! One day I need to do a new version of this!!!!

Girls from February 2017 and Boys from May 2017.

Imagine a AU high school of the big bang theory!! I want an anime of tbbt soooo bad. And I want to do a comic book myself.  Imagine a manga of them, imagine fanfictions illustrated! omg I want to do it all.

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Happy Saturday! Thanks for all the love!!!!


🎉 Enjoy the premiere today! MY BODY IS READY!

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Saying Good-bye to The Big Bang Theory || Mayim Bialik:

Try not to cry 💔