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And about Sheldon discovering super symmetry theories thanks to Amy (and she doesn’t know she is helping first) you really need to read this fic from 2014 by Hazelra7, one of my fav authors. And seriously, read her fics, like and review. The chapter is this one:

I had to find it after the finale! 


I finally caught up with the Shamy Wedding. Do I have to say HOW AMAZING was? funny, beautiful… and full of science and nerdy things! What’s next? I hope for not only 1 more season, but more!! And more about the super asymmetry theory, a nobel? With Leonard? bring it on! 

And Stuart… hell yeah Stuart, you’re hot!

ok, so this just happened 😱

ok, so this just happened 😱

Thanks to the Big Bang Theory team on twitter!! I didn’t expect that!!

NEW DRAWING! Shamy cosplaying Han Solo & P…

NEW DRAWING! Shamy cosplaying Han Solo & Princess Leia  

May the 4th be with you! Enjoy my new version of Shamy – Solo/Leia! first one was… 2 years ago!

Loved to do this one! Hope you like it!!! happy #fanartfriday !

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mayim-fangirl: I love these so much ! ♥♥ @rgb…


I love these so much ! ♥♥ @rgbcn Thank you!! 🎨😄


Thank you so much!!!! Love these so much (I have them both too) 


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Happy Birthday Jim Parsons 🎉

Happy Birthday Jim Parsons 🎉

I’m really sad not to be able to post a new drawing for today, these ones are from last year’s birthday (March 2017) and from December 2016.

Because of my injury, I couldn’t draw a new one for today, so enjoy my best portraits of Jim for today. I have to say, I tried to draw a digital portrait of him with my left hand, but I wasn’t able to dominate my hand enough. It’s different from me to do lines for comic drawing than a realistic pictoric portrait. So I had to gave up. But I tried! my patrons are witnesses of that failure haha.

Anyway, As soon as I recover, I will do a new one, but I need time. Since then, happy birthday to Jim.

Did you swatch the #paleyfest panel of @youngs…

Did you swatch the #paleyfest panel of @youngsheldoncbs ? Check close ups on

I still need to watch it! Still busy with work! Did you watch it? How was it??

I asked you if you want me to do a chibi version of them, and some of you said yes! 😍

Enjoy again the drawing I did for the premiere of the show! I loved to draw them so much! so funny!

TODAY! paley center #paleyfest The Big Bang Th…

TODAY! paley center #paleyfest The Big Bang Theory & Young Sheldon panels! Moderated by the fabulous super reporter Jessica Radloff 💕

@bigbangtheory_cbs & @youngsheldoncbs cast will be there! You can see it LIVE on Paley Center Facebook!!

Do you want me to draw Young Sheldon chibis too?

“I’m your idiot, forever” 💜

“I’m your idiot, forever” 💜

Howard and Bernadette, I truly love them. This idea has been so long in my head, the original sketch, maybe form a year ago? My patrons can tell I posted looooong ago. And I even redid the sketches on my live sessions. I have also Lenny, Shamy and Raj. Wanna see them? I will be working soon on those quotes ones. Check all my work before anyone supporting my art on

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COLOR MY LINEART CONTEST! #colormergbcn  Get m…

COLOR MY LINEART CONTEST! #colormergbcn  Get my linearts of #shamy and #lenny and color them!!  Download here –>

Hey guys! So today is my 1k post on IG and I’ve been waiting to celebrate it for some weeks. And finally today is the day!

Because I want to celebrate it with you, I’m giving away 2 linearts for limited time so you guys can color them!

  • Download the linearts on a special public post on patreon (link in bio!)
  • Post your colored version on Instagram (the contest will be only instagram posts)
  • IMPORTANT! use #colormergbcn in your post! I will be following the hashtag!
  • Don’t remove my sign, but you can add yours too.
  • Have fun! Be creative!
  • I will be featuring some on my stories for sure and a special post with my favs.
  • You have time until the 22th of February!

Hope you like the idea! Can’t wait to see your creations! Enjoy!

And thanks for your support guys, I really appreciate it!