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Happy Star Trek day! New drawing! Shamy as Spo…

Happy Star Trek day! 

New drawing! Shamy as Spock and Uhura (from the new movies!) Swipe to see the full drawing.

Kind of a new version of the drawing I did 2 years ago (check my stories to see it, @aprilinparisfanfic posted it yesterday, as it’s related to her star trek themed fanfiction).

I need to thank @rom4n16 as well for reminding me about this day or I would not have enough time to do this drawing!)

Hope you like it! if you did, give me some love and maybe a comment!!

Live long and prosper! 🖖🏻

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“Well, Hello” 😏 BONUS BELOW (old sketches!)

“Well, Hello” 😏 BONUS BELOW (old sketches!)

1rst drawing is a giveaway for @stellina2a I did on January 2018 + the silly sequence is something I sketched on November 2016, after 10×8 was aired. LOL

We all thought about this alternative RIGHT? *fans herself*. Sorry really old sketches, but they makes me laugh, I hope I made you laugh as well.

Have a good Sunday



Saturday I will do a live on instagram (my 50th!) and I will redraw one of my very old drawings of Shamy, vote which one on my stories on instagram today!

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Sheldon: Amy, I excel at many things, but getting over you wasn’t one of them. I think I need to just be your friend.

Amy: Okay. I understand.

*Sorry! I was in the mood the day I drew it!* Remember those days? Remember??? *heavy breathing*

Even the mood of the drawing, Happy Sunday!

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And about Sheldon discovering super symmetry theories thanks to Amy (and she doesn’t know she is helping first) you really need to read this fic from 2014 by Hazelra7, one of my fav authors. And seriously, read her fics, like and review. The chapter is this one:

I had to find it after the finale! 


I finally caught up with the Shamy Wedding. Do I have to say HOW AMAZING was? funny, beautiful… and full of science and nerdy things! What’s next? I hope for not only 1 more season, but more!! And more about the super asymmetry theory, a nobel? With Leonard? bring it on! 

And Stuart… hell yeah Stuart, you’re hot!

ok, so this just happened 😱

ok, so this just happened 😱

Thanks to the Big Bang Theory team on twitter!! I didn’t expect that!!

NEW DRAWING! Shamy cosplaying Han Solo & P…

NEW DRAWING! Shamy cosplaying Han Solo & Princess Leia  

May the 4th be with you! Enjoy my new version of Shamy – Solo/Leia! first one was… 2 years ago!

Loved to do this one! Hope you like it!!! happy #fanartfriday !

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mayim-fangirl: I love these so much ! ♥♥ @rgb…


I love these so much ! ♥♥ @rgbcn Thank you!! 🎨😄


Thank you so much!!!! Love these so much (I have them both too) 


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Happy Birthday Jim Parsons 🎉

Happy Birthday Jim Parsons 🎉

I’m really sad not to be able to post a new drawing for today, these ones are from last year’s birthday (March 2017) and from December 2016.

Because of my injury, I couldn’t draw a new one for today, so enjoy my best portraits of Jim for today. I have to say, I tried to draw a digital portrait of him with my left hand, but I wasn’t able to dominate my hand enough. It’s different from me to do lines for comic drawing than a realistic pictoric portrait. So I had to gave up. But I tried! my patrons are witnesses of that failure haha.

Anyway, As soon as I recover, I will do a new one, but I need time. Since then, happy birthday to Jim.