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mayim-fangirl: I love these so much ! ♥♥ @rgb…


I love these so much ! ♥♥ @rgbcn Thank you!! 🎨😄


Thank you so much!!!! Love these so much (I have them both too) 


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Happy Birthday Jim Parsons 🎉

Happy Birthday Jim Parsons 🎉

I’m really sad not to be able to post a new drawing for today, these ones are from last year’s birthday (March 2017) and from December 2016.

Because of my injury, I couldn’t draw a new one for today, so enjoy my best portraits of Jim for today. I have to say, I tried to draw a digital portrait of him with my left hand, but I wasn’t able to dominate my hand enough. It’s different from me to do lines for comic drawing than a realistic pictoric portrait. So I had to gave up. But I tried! my patrons are witnesses of that failure haha.

Anyway, As soon as I recover, I will do a new one, but I need time. Since then, happy birthday to Jim.

Did you swatch the #paleyfest panel of @youngs…

Did you swatch the #paleyfest panel of @youngsheldoncbs ? Check close ups on

I still need to watch it! Still busy with work! Did you watch it? How was it??

I asked you if you want me to do a chibi version of them, and some of you said yes! 😍

Enjoy again the drawing I did for the premiere of the show! I loved to draw them so much! so funny!

TODAY! paley center #paleyfest The Big Bang Th…

TODAY! paley center #paleyfest The Big Bang Theory & Young Sheldon panels! Moderated by the fabulous super reporter Jessica Radloff 💕

@bigbangtheory_cbs & @youngsheldoncbs cast will be there! You can see it LIVE on Paley Center Facebook!!

Do you want me to draw Young Sheldon chibis too?

“I’m your idiot, forever” 💜

“I’m your idiot, forever” 💜

Howard and Bernadette, I truly love them. This idea has been so long in my head, the original sketch, maybe form a year ago? My patrons can tell I posted looooong ago. And I even redid the sketches on my live sessions. I have also Lenny, Shamy and Raj. Wanna see them? I will be working soon on those quotes ones. Check all my work before anyone supporting my art on

Hope you like it!!! Give me lots of 💜 if you do! Like and reblog please to share my art!!

COLOR MY LINEART CONTEST! #colormergbcn  Get m…

COLOR MY LINEART CONTEST! #colormergbcn  Get my linearts of #shamy and #lenny and color them!!  Download here –>

Hey guys! So today is my 1k post on IG and I’ve been waiting to celebrate it for some weeks. And finally today is the day!

Because I want to celebrate it with you, I’m giving away 2 linearts for limited time so you guys can color them!

  • Download the linearts on a special public post on patreon (link in bio!)
  • Post your colored version on Instagram (the contest will be only instagram posts)
  • IMPORTANT! use #colormergbcn in your post! I will be following the hashtag!
  • Don’t remove my sign, but you can add yours too.
  • Have fun! Be creative!
  • I will be featuring some on my stories for sure and a special post with my favs.
  • You have time until the 22th of February!

Hope you like the idea! Can’t wait to see your creations! Enjoy!

And thanks for your support guys, I really appreciate it!

oh instagram didn’t post this…. ok here…

oh instagram didn’t post this…. ok here we go!

My #tbt of Jim’s portraits [2015/2016/2017] #jimparsons #sheldoncooper #fanart #portrait #bigbangtheory

Which photo of Jim should I draw next?? Digital or pencil? Send me your fav photos!! 💌

There’s a lot of new #sundance #akidlikejake ones! Any suggestion???

In order top left — bottom right

2015 pencil / 2015 pencil / 2016 pencil / 2016 white paste in black canvas

2016 digital /2016 pencil /2017 pencil

I promised this combo after Mayim’s one, next will be Kaley as you voted on the poll on my stories 😉

It’s so weird to see my old ones lol, the last two portraits I’m still so proud of them. You can see the video timelapses on my youtube channel and 🌟

Thanks in advance for all the love 💕

“Hands off the Merchandise”…. my version

“Hands off the Merchandise”…. my version

A sweet-kind-of-sin-closet-drawing for you today! Becasue Amy’s birthday is here! And Halley’s!!

BONUS: “Hands off the merchandise”!!!! Let me know if you liked the extra LOL

btw, I did this drawing listening “Contigo aprendí” song of Luís Miguel. The lyrics, if you can, listen to them.

Enjoy today’s episodes!! #forscience !! Can’t wait to see what happens!!! I’m not spoiled!! Going off until I can watch it!!

Happy #coitusanniversary. Can I have an scene like this today? thanks.

Full drawing below, bonus below (it’s not exactly a drawing that needs a keep reading, but well, I have the tradition to do it, so…)


Original drawing: I made it before the 11×10. It was just a sweet moment, listening to a romantic song.

BONUS: Ok, after the 11×10 I digitally added the letters. What if after the city hall Sheldon found a place to do the matching t-shirts for them AND some underwear too? Of course he have the same one LMAO

Ok, hope it makes you laugh a little. Enjoy the episode!

Folding Clothes 🚨

Just a quick night sketch. How do you think Sheldon’s ritual can be? He wants to fold her clothes too?

one of my takes on this topic, just for fun, full drawing below 👇🏻

btw, we are planning a private live session for sin closet drawings. oh boy, you want to kill me live right? Don’t miss it! More info soon. Remember my DM is always open.

Notice the already folded clothes at their side 😏

Just for fun, enjoy it!

Download this and other exclusive drawings tomorrow here , there’s also new nsfw material on my timeline I will not publish here, you know… I’m shy to post. 

Shamy Addams 🎃🦇🌹💕 #shamy #fanart #bigbangtheory #addamsfamily…

Shamy Addams 🎃🦇🌹💕 #shamy #fanart #bigbangtheory #addamsfamily #halloween #cosplay

Happy Halloween! Here’s my drawing, hope you like it! I’m in love with it! Full version check the link here

I did laugh a lot drawing Gomez’ moustache on Sheldon, *evil laughs*, but now I can’t see the drawing without it. Sheldon would love to be accurate on the cosplay right? My patrons voted and we decided moustache! it was so funny!

And Amy, what can I say… can I see her cosplaying like this? And talking french?? and dancing a tango?? I love Morticia Addams so much.

A black and white version like the old movies will be available for my patrons too. I’m in love with both versions. Last day to get it!!!

BUT HEY! there’s more! I did not base the drawing on a fanfiction, BUT, I remembered there are fanfics related to this!!!! I didn’t remember the author though, but @oliya_1997 (it was you right?) searched the fic during a live session and pointed out the author.

I read looooong ago these fanfics by karyshamy on ff, now it’s a good time to read them again!

Leave a review, don’t do like me in the beginning, that I didn’t review. I did last night when I read them again. If the author read this, sorry for my major delay. I loved it.

Have a scary day!!