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NEW DRAWING! From your suggestions!!! Fireworks kiss based on @darcyfitz1 AU Shamy fanfiction “The science of love” !! Swipe for details.

Read, like, review! This is a must read fanfiction!

Sketch + HQ drawing + wallpapers + outlines to color + process drawings + PSD + video timelapse will be on October rewards on Patreon.

Made with @procreate + photoshop

I’m already living in my new home, my desk and tools are here! We still have a lot to do and we live in a mess, but we finally have a place to work and some essentials. Thanks for waiting for me to be able to post again! It’s been an adventure these last weeks and I’m really exhausted. Slowly getting back to normal.

Have a good day!
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close up!

Why I LOVED the Big Bang Theory Finale! Thanks TBBT!:

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With voiceover! (English is not my first language lol)

YOU ARE FROGS! 🐸 I mean… FRAUDS! 🤣 GO AMY! my hero!

Based on the original scene from 12×18 BUT changed to explain a fun fact about me watching this episode at the 12×19 taping.

Yes, I understood frogs instead of frauds. You can laugh at me, it’s fine. I’m not native english! I knew I didn’t understand it well, but I didn’t get the word inside the studio, so after the taping, I was having dinner with my friends and talking about this scene (which I loved), they pointed me out the correct word. Hilarious.

It was too funny not to do a FROGS version of the original scene. *Evil lauhgs* I’m still laughing.

Enjoy this silly comic. It took me all weekend to do it. But I had so much fun!

Amy is my hero! Do you want to know more about this scene, how @missmayim had to prepare and her struggles? go to read @groknation ’s article about it!

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Aquarium (September 2016)

Still one of my favourites I did from this episode, can’t believe it was on 2016, how time flies.

Enjoy it again!

Taping night again? I’m still amazed that last week I was there. To the ones that goes today, have fun!!! I have my best friend going today, hope she can go in!!

Lots of love from San Francisco, Regina



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‪I have too many things to explain but I don’t have a lot of time, so here’s a little summary of my 12/03/2019 taping experience (no spoilers!!). (Sorry for my tired and exhausted face and for not looking at the right camera lol, I’m a disaster.)‬

‪First of all, the taping was AMAZING!! It was so interesting to see how they work and see all the people involved in this!! I have a great time and the unique opportunity to go to the stage after the taping!!!! WOW!!‬

‪Mayim, Melissa THANK YOU! You were so sweet to me, I’m about to cry now just remembering how amazing was to meet you both. Thanks for taking time to talk with us and for the pics! and the hugs! and the smiles!! Seriously so happy for this! 💕 ‬

‪I got to meet oscar winner Regina King!! She was so sweet!! I told her my name is Regina too and I got to take a pic with her. Thanks Regina!!!! A real queen! 😉‬

‪The whole Joe’s family was there!! it was a great coincidence!! a pleasure to meet them!!!‬

‪Thank you Mark Sweet for letting me show my portraits to the audience!!! I showed my original portraits quickly to the audience and the crew in the stage and it was amazing their response!! I got a signed print and lots of chocolates hehe, you are the best!! ‬

‪Oh! that pencil…Melissa sneaked me that pencil from Sheldon’s desk shhhhhh, don’t tell anyone 🤣 She is the funniest.‬

‪And finally, Thanks to my friend Johnny for making this possible and for being so kind with us!!! You are amazing!!!‬

‪Enjoy my pictures, me and lluis awkwardly posing around! Please don’t repost my pics without my permission.‬

Happy Birthday Mayim Bialik!  🎉

Here’s a gift for you, I wanted to draw this portrait since the day I saw the pic on groknation. If you see it, hope you like it!

It’s been a while not drawing a portrait of missmayim with pencils, and you know what that mean: lot of hair! omg, my hand still hurts 🤣

I don’t know what to say this year, I always try to write something that means a lot to me, but I end blabbing and probably nobody reads. But I will just point out that you play a role on bigbangtheory_cbs that means a lot to me, and that is about to end on our tv’s, but not in our hearts and minds. Thanks for giving life and personality to Amy Farrah Fowler and for keep sharing as Mayim that is good to be true to yourself. Ok, now I’m crying, let’s leave it here.

Looking forward to see you and the rest of the cast and crew work live on a taping, I’m counting the days to be there. If you see a I’m with Joe t-shirt and I’m with Mayim t-shirt or sweater, wave to us! 👋

Let’s not forget a big thank you for every time you noticed or shared one of my works. Maybe for you it’s nothing, but for me it means a lot. It’s something unique and special 🌟

Have a great birthday, with love, Regina



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THANK YOU!!  14,5k followers on instagram!!! Can’t believe it!!

I improvised a little comic to say thank you!! Sheldon is not impressed tho 🤣

Just wanted to say thank you so much for your support and love, I really appreciate it!

Welcome new followers, enjoy my content!

Hope I made you laugh already! Preparing more drawings on patreon now! Have a nice day!


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Happy Birthday Simon Helberg 🎉 New pencil portrait to celebrate!!

Simon is seriously one of my favs, he always makes me laugh a lot. As you know, it was a long time not drawing pencil portraits until my last Kaley Cuoco one, so it was a pleasure and a struggle at the same time!! And you know who is next birthday right? I have another portrait prepared already!! check my patreon to see it.

Hope you like it!! Give me some feedback if you enjoy my work!! Thanks a lot!


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Drawing nsfw shamy stuff. Remember I can’t post here anymore, so whoever is interested, can join my patreon and get access to my discord. Posting all new drawings there.

Never give up!! 

Hey, I drew a little comic!

What I wanted to happen on last tbbt episode. They can’t just give up on THIS! Waiting to see what the writers do with this storyline. I still have hope they will be enough stubborn to disprove the Russian theory with their own.

Apologies in advance in case of typos or grammar mistakes, I’m not english native and I finished it today, edited it and BOUM: published, so who knows what I did here LOL.

Do you like this? I’m so proud of it! I worked all weekend on it!

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