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Happy Birthday Mayim! 🌟 🌟

And like a tradition, here’s a new pencil portrait I did to celebrate! Short hair obviously!! My hand really appreciates it, as it took me only around 5h instead of the 8-13h I used to with long hair. It looks amazing on you ♥️

Swipe for details, glasses were difficult to draw, the pendant small for details, but I hope you like it!

And look! I’m with Mayim! drawing-Mayim and real-Mayim lol. It’s from a video my friend sent me, what a surprise! Again, Mayim, thanks for the time you took to be with us, I wanted to say so many things and give to you some drawings I had in my bag. But I was too nervous and I forgot. So I sent them (and a hand written letter) to you after that, but I think it never arrived… I’m really bummed about that, there were drawings I printed and stickers I did myself in the letter, and an original ink drawing. Check last slide, I never published it before. Funny that I never lost original drawings, but the ones I sent to Melissa and you. Ouch.

As always, my drawings are yours. Just say the word and I will send any original to you. Hopefully with more luck than the last time.

Enjoy your day, pet your cats, eat vegan cookies and be happy! Wishing you the best on your next projects. Hopefully a lot of them, full of exciting opportunities to create and share your talent. Looking forward to the Carla show, specially to the BTS pics. With lots of cats, but also with Jim please. You know we are a greedy fandom, don’t mind us. hehe. We just miss you all so much!

Thanks for bringing to us Amy Farrah Fowler as she was. I can’t thank you enough for that. We love her! And as I told you, we love you!

Happy birthday!

With love, Regina

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‪**Please don’t use, edit or repost my drawings without my permission, thank you. Reshares on stories are always appreciated, don’t forget to mention me ❤️**‬‬‬‬

‪Mayim Bialik (drawing from August 2018 for @groknation anniversary)‬

‪I will miss drawing @missmayim loooong hair, even if that meant hours and hours to finish the portraits. But I’m ready for new photoshoots, give them to me!!‬

‪Maybe this weekend I can’t do a live session or I need to move it to another day. Stay tuned to my stories to know more.‬

I have pending do more portraits! I hope I will have time soon!!
‪**Please don’t use or repost my drawings without my permission, thank you.**‬‬‬‬‬‬
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‪Mayim Bialik (December 2017)‬

No, it’s not a photo, it’s a digital portrait!! Some people thought it was a photo when I posted the first time on @missmayim ’s birthday 2017. I bet some of you forgot about this one, right? Not me! I’m still SO proud of this one. Always a pleasure to draw Mayim. She is so beautiful! Really! In real life too!!

Last day to join me on patreon and get this portrait too, as this one have been suggested to be in the bonus pack this month. So it will be! HQ copy, process drawings, video timelapse included!
An example of process drawings? swipe to see some of them!

Going to work on preparing all rewards for March pack. Some new drawings, a lot of bonus drawings suggested by my patrons and lots of love! Let’s do it!

Thanks to my patrons for their support even the time I’ve been traveling. I really appreciate it. And thanks to all for your continuous support on my art. Thanks.


Made with @procreate.

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‪Mayim Bialik “Knowledge is power” (February 2018) Drawing 90% done with my left hand (I’m right handed). Remember it? I did this drawing for Mayim when they announced the new @groknation website. I had the privilege to send it to her team and my drawing got to be the post for the announcement 🎉 Still freaking out with it.‬

‪Now that this year is ending, I was thinking on all drawings I did, and I have to say I’m specially proud of this one. If you were with me then, around a year ago I got an injury that made me unable to draw for some months. I did draw anyway, because I’m so stubborn, but I started practising with my left hand and hey! I learned to control it a little and I’m really proud of all the work I did during that time.‬

‪I can’t upload the video now because my internet connection here in Barcelona is quite bad, but I will try to show you in IG stories how I did it.‬

‪Enjoy it again! couldn’t do new drawings these days as I’m busy with family and some stuff I had pending to do around here. I will try to repost something more meanwhile.‬

‪Have a good day!‬

‪With love, Regina‬
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Happy Birthday Mayim Bialik!  🎉

Here’s a gift for you, I wanted to draw this portrait since the day I saw the pic on groknation. If you see it, hope you like it!

It’s been a while not drawing a portrait of missmayim with pencils, and you know what that mean: lot of hair! omg, my hand still hurts 🤣

I don’t know what to say this year, I always try to write something that means a lot to me, but I end blabbing and probably nobody reads. But I will just point out that you play a role on bigbangtheory_cbs that means a lot to me, and that is about to end on our tv’s, but not in our hearts and minds. Thanks for giving life and personality to Amy Farrah Fowler and for keep sharing as Mayim that is good to be true to yourself. Ok, now I’m crying, let’s leave it here.

Looking forward to see you and the rest of the cast and crew work live on a taping, I’m counting the days to be there. If you see a I’m with Joe t-shirt and I’m with Mayim t-shirt or sweater, wave to us! 👋

Let’s not forget a big thank you for every time you noticed or shared one of my works. Maybe for you it’s nothing, but for me it means a lot. It’s something unique and special 🌟

Have a great birthday, with love, Regina



HQ drawings & video timelapses —>

Original and prints —>

‪Mayim Bialik pencil portrait (2016)‬

‪Who remembers this one? I drew it for @missmayim ’s birthday 2 years ago. How time flies! It was my avatar for some time and people thought I was Mayim LMAO.‬
‪The timelapse is still on my youtube channel, and somewhere on my timeline. Also on Mayim’s one, she reposted my video for fanart friday looooooong ago.‬

‪Kaley, Simon and Mayim birthdays are coming. I decided to prepare something for each one because I’m stubborn.‬

‪Curious about it? Posting it all on‬

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Penny 🌸

New version of my Penny blossom. #inktober or #pinktober or both? hehe

Hope you like it! give me some 🌸 if you do


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Bernadette & Hope

@themelissarauch characters together back to back ‘Blossom style” – requested by @joesteiger 👍

I decided I had to do the drawing. Joe was one of my patrons and he won my last giveaway. His idea was to put Melissa’s characters together as he called “Blossom style”. Also, there’s a picture of @themelissaruch and @missmayim like this, remember it? Bernadette had to be dressed in pink and Hope without smiling.

So here’s the drawing. I tried different brushes and another coloring style.

Hope you like it! (See my pun? Hope… Ann Gregory…., like the bronze character…. ok, nevermind)

With all my love, Regina 💕


Remember you can donate for MDA in honor of Joe’s memory:

John Hopkins research on MD

@groknation 3rd birthday campaign for MDA

Thank you 💕

🎉Happy 3rd Anniversary @groknation! I did a new @missmayim digital portrait to celebrate it! Hope you like it! Here goes 13h+ of my life in a shape of a drawing lol. ‬

‪Why a portrait for today? Do I need an excuse? I wanted to draw this one since a long time ago! And all of my other ideas regarding Grok Nation involved the little blue brainy that I loved so much. I included it in my drawings on previous years, and the drawing I did for the web launch. I’m not good with change LOL. Just joking! But I miss it! Well, what I really wanted to say is that I think it’s brave to have personal projects, and more brave to make them happen, and grow, and to keep believing in them after years. So what I see is a brave and confident Mayim, like in this image, working for what she believes, sharing what she likes and what she thinks it need to be shared. Personal or otherwise, she shares a lot with us, and I think that’s really brave.‬

‪So happy anniversary to this project, that I’m sure it started as a hope, and it continues as an enthusiastic place for Mayim to be herself. I will continue enjoying the topics she shares there, not all of them, definitely not the grapes-that-burns recommendations, but yes to tech & nerd topics, to women and science, and more specially all The Big Bang Theory thoughts, feelings, behind the scenes and everything related to this show. Because it’s what I always look forward to see, to be honest. Come on, you know me already, I’m obsessed, what can I do?‬

‪Hope you guys enjoy my new portrait. Did you noticed I added the hair from the top of the head that is not on the original photo? Original pic from the photoshoot for Darling Magazine, I already did a pencil portrait of the other photo, do you remember it? I’m sure not, it was 2 years ago… not important.‬

🌟 ‪To Mayim and the Grok Nation team, enjoy! Regina‬

‪(oh and for the ones who read my silly thoughts, I’m sure nobody did, I will be live later drawing!)‬

‬💕‪ ‬

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IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! #amyfarrahfowler #fanart #bigbangtheory #shamy @missmayim @groknation

THANKS FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY WISHES!!!! Lots of kind words and beautiful messages! Thanks thanks thanks! Love them all!!

I’m so glad to have so many friends here, and I love to know that I make you smile with my art everyday! that’s the best thing ever!! You all encourage me to keep drawing and to keep writing!!! I’ll do my best! 💕

I’m going to draw now! Best thing I can do today haha, after eating pizza and ice cream of course! *wink wink*

Stay tuned for tomorrow, I have a surprise for @missmayim book release! She is already in NY for the tour! Hope you like it!

Getting #boyingup for me very soon!! Yay!!!

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