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NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO!! Why I didn’t want to…

NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO!! Why I didn’t want to watch Nightmare before Christmas for years!? Now it’s one of my favorite movies!

Oh yeah, I draw other things, not only tbbt, surprised? You shouldn’t be. I won’t be the artist I am now without a lot of stuff that impacted me during my life. Like this movie, or anime, or videogames and animation! Tim Burton’s The Nightmare before Christmas is one of my fav movies, and I avoided watching it for so many years! what a fool I was.

Discover why I didn’t watch it in my new video! I not only share the timelapse of this drawing, but I also explain personal stories. Hope you like it!!

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Happy holidays! Sheldon and Amy have a message…

Happy holidays! Sheldon and Amy have a message for you 🎉

I’ve prepared this little comic to wish you a Merry Christmas (or whatever you celebrate, if you celebrate!) ❄️🎄🎁

Sending good vibes to all of you, remember I’m in Barcelona and I’m busy these days with family celebrations and other stuff, I guess some of you too. I will not post all days, but hoping this comic makes you laugh meanwhile! Can you imagine Shamy like this? I do *evil laughs*

Have a great time, take some time for yourself, do whatever it makes you happy!

Greetings from Mataró, Barcelona! 👋

With love, Regina

Snowing! (November 2016 !! )

Snowing! (November 2016 !! )

Omg so old! I was browsing old drawings and I found these! My style was so different! You can laugh! I did!

I bet nobody remember these!!! I didn’t lol. Look! There’s Cinnamon too! LMAO

I’m preparing new drawings, so I’m reposting old stuff for some days. Enjoy them again!

Hope this helps to pass the hiatus until January!!!




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‪Now & Forever 🎃❄️‬ Today, one of my abs…

‪Now & Forever 🎃❄️‬

Today, one of my absolutely fav movies of all times celebrates 25 years since the USA release (29 October 1993). Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare before Christmas” is a masterpiece, I love everything about it. And obviously, You already know which are my fav characters in the movie right? 2 years ago I drew Shamy cosplaying Jack and Sally, omg now I see the drawing so old, but I loved to do the mix. This time, I wanted to draw Jack & Sally, as part of my #inktober 🖋

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