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NEVER GIVE UP! Remember this comic I did in November 2018??  6 month already? wow how time flies. Sorry for the square format for IG

I wrote months ago: ”What I wanted to happen on last tbbt episode. They can’t just give up on THIS! Waiting to see what the writers do with this storyline. I still have hope they will be enough stubborn to disprove the Russian theory with their own.“

And I glad they didn’t give up! Can’t wait to know what happens. Remember I still need to watch yesterday’s episode so, please don’t tell me about it!!! I will watch it tonight.

Do you like my comics? this was one of my first ones (in digital). I’m still proud of it even if I don’t know how to draw comics lol. If you want me to do try to draw more comics, please consider supporting my work on patreon!

Have a nice Friday!

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YOU ARE FROGS! 🐸 I mean… FRAUDS! 🤣 GO AMY! my hero!

Based on the original scene from 12×18 BUT changed to explain a fun fact about me watching this episode at the 12×19 taping.

Yes, I understood frogs instead of frauds. You can laugh at me, it’s fine. I’m not native english! I knew I didn’t understand it well, but I didn’t get the word inside the studio, so after the taping, I was having dinner with my friends and talking about this scene (which I loved), they pointed me out the correct word. Hilarious.

It was too funny not to do a FROGS version of the original scene. *Evil lauhgs* I’m still laughing.

Enjoy this silly comic. It took me all weekend to do it. But I had so much fun!

Amy is my hero! Do you want to know more about this scene, how @missmayim had to prepare and her struggles? go to read @groknation ’s article about it!

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Aquarium (September 2016)

Still one of my favourites I did from this episode, can’t believe it was on 2016, how time flies.

Enjoy it again!

Taping night again? I’m still amazed that last week I was there. To the ones that goes today, have fun!!! I have my best friend going today, hope she can go in!!

Lots of love from San Francisco, Regina



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The One Night Stand Bewilderment (April 2017) 💕 Commission for Shamybabboos fanfiction (on ff) 

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Almost 2 years since this drawing wow! Thanks @raeleahreads for trusting me to draw this, a real pleasure to do it. The expressions and details were so much fun to draw. I tried to set and atmosphere like the one in the fic, when they meet for the first time. Remember, it’s and AU!

PLEASE don’t not repost my commissions, thanks.

Super nervous for my trip! 2 days to go!! Have a nice day!


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Paintball time!! My own version of the teams! Red vs Blue! (or Girls Vs Boys!) 

Bernadette tricked Howard with kisses and she stole the Red flag! But to be honest, with Penny and Denise as well, the boys didn’t have a chance 🤣

Anu and Raj shoot each other after their fight, and poor Stuart… He is about to pass out 😂

Enjoy my version! The episode was so funny! But I couldn’t help myself and do my version *evil laughs*

My fav part? Bernie running “I got the flag! Cover meeeeeeeeee!”


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The big wedding! 2018 will always be the year Shamy got married! This is my Royal wedding!

Reposting 2 pieces I did inspired on the Shamy Wedding on May 2018, one in digital (I did her dress as better as I could) and the ink one was based on the pile of swans quote from Sheldon *evil laughs* this one was super funny. Still love the ink dress *heart eyes*

Enjoy it again before the year ends!!!

Still super busy at home, I’m doing some cleaning to my old stuff from high school and university. I found a lot of old drawings, check my instagram stories for some old stuff spam!

Have a good day!!






Mini TBBT 3/3  Howard Raj and Bernadette ♠️♣️♥️♦️

The golden trio!! And Cinnamon! Howard was doing a trick for his friends (and to impress Bernadette), but oh no! Leonard and Penny just passed them running and Howard lost his trick cards!! 🤣 Raj and Bernie can’t stop laughing at poor Howard!!

And that’s the end of this little series! Hope you like it!!!! Thanks for all your likes and comments!!! It means a lot to me!! This drawing swill be on the December pack on patreon!

REMEMBER I WILL BE LIVE TOMORROW ON INSTAGRAM!! Saturday 22nd December 18h London time. 3 YEARS ON INSTAGRAM! omg! I will be drawing something for you. Still don’t know what but eh, let’s improvise! I also have a new drawing!! Don’t miss it!!!

Happy Friday!!


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Happy coitus anniversary! I mean… Happy Birthday Amy! 🤣🎉

3 years ago, The Opening Night Excitation aired! This is a little tribute to one of my fav Shamy scenes of all times. I rushed it a little to finish it today, but it was worth it, I really wanted to post on Amy’s birthday 🙈

This silly comic Based on S9E11 – The Opening Night Excitation. I didn’t use all the dialog (I KNOW), this is just my version of it.

Enjoy it! I absolutely enjoyed drawing it.  



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THANK YOU!!  14,5k followers on instagram!!! Can’t believe it!!

I improvised a little comic to say thank you!! Sheldon is not impressed tho 🤣

Just wanted to say thank you so much for your support and love, I really appreciate it!

Welcome new followers, enjoy my content!

Hope I made you laugh already! Preparing more drawings on patreon now! Have a nice day!


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