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Receiving reviews on my old fanfics it’s always an amazing surprise. It made me happy! thanks!

Today’s the last chapter of April in Paris “Th…

Today’s the last chapter of April in Paris “The Sexuality Quandary”

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Drawing Inspired by one the chapters. 

Full pic below 🚨 warning for partial nudity 

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May the 4th (Bonus), a big bang theory fanfic …

May the 4th (Bonus), a big bang theory fanfic | FanFiction:

“MAY THE 4TH (BONUS)“ I just posted a sequel to my story “May the 4th” on ff! Read it here

🚨 Shamy – M rated! You asked me to write it, hope you enjoy it! Leave me a review!

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Note: I’m now pretty sure that I messed up the anniversary of Leonard and Penny’s first meeting, but I wrote this for today anyway.  Sorry.  Anyway, we can pretend that it was today instead of Monday.  I’ll get it right next year if I’m not the only one left in the fandom next September.

Leonard sat on the couch playing video games alone when Penny walked in. He glanced up at her as she came from their bedroom. Then he went back to his game.

“Hey,” he started. Then his brain caught up to what his eyes just saw. He paused his game and inspected his wife again. She stood in the kitchen in only one of his hoodies. It was zipped up to just barely cover her. Leonard turned off the Xbox.

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Even if it’s today or not, I loved this story so much. So much Lenny cuteness, so sweet and full of memories!

I will post something today too, Partially Lenny at least!

‪📚 Raj from my new fanfiction, the one I post…

‪📚 Raj from my new fanfiction, the one I posted on Wednesday. Did you read it?? If you read it, now you know why I’m laughing hysterically. ‬

‪✍️ “MAY THE 4TH” available to read on ff —> ‬

‪This is one of my May the 4th (2017) drawings, and partially, one of the reasons of why I wrote my last fanfiction.

‪Don’t worry, last day talking about it, but I wanted to repost this one as well. ‬

‪Enjoy! Tomorrow a new drawing! ‬It’s Star Trek day, so we will change franchises! Don’t miss it!!

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May the 4th, a big bang theory fanfic | FanFic…

May the 4th, a big bang theory fanfic | FanFiction:

I wrote a story! Like and review if you like it!!! 

‪📚NEW FANFICTION!!! 🎉 I just posted a new …

‪📚NEW FANFICTION!!! 🎉 I just posted a new story “MAY THE 4TH” available to read on ff —> ‬

‪A one shot with all the gang involved. ‬

‪The idea started while drawing this piece, reposting as it’s now the cover for my story. Reposting more drawings related very soon!‬

‪Read, like, review please!! I love to read your thoughts! Thanks to my beta for correcting (a lot) of grammar mistakes as English is not my first language! And to @lluisgerard, my boyfriend, for reading it first and reassuring me to continue! I made him laugh, that was enough for me. Hoping to make you laugh too!!‬

‪Enjoy it!! ‬

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‪Love 🌟 

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‪“Searching for the secrets of the universe, they will find something unexpected. In any universe, they will find each other, not matter how, where or when.”‬

‪I had this idea yesterday and I couldn’t stop until I finished it. Dedicated to all our AU fanfictions writers!‬ ‪

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A few @nerdforestgirl little stories are coming back to my dash and it’s great because some are old and I was not here when she wrote them. Thanks to people who reblogs them again!!

I had some butterflies in my stomach reading them now. So many feelings!!

And to think that we are here now: 



when you don’t feel well but you have all the amazing fanfiction stories and updates to read

thanks writers