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Disagreement. New sketch! What are they arguing about? Tell me your version in the comments! 👀

Really busy these days, I almost don’t have time to draw. But I try to find time every day. I’m working on different drawings and a comic. Check all my progress joining my patreon family. Thanks for your support, it means a lot to me.

Happy Tuesday!

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YOU ARE FROGS! 🐸 I mean… FRAUDS! 🤣 GO AMY! my hero!

Based on the original scene from 12×18 BUT changed to explain a fun fact about me watching this episode at the 12×19 taping.

Yes, I understood frogs instead of frauds. You can laugh at me, it’s fine. I’m not native english! I knew I didn’t understand it well, but I didn’t get the word inside the studio, so after the taping, I was having dinner with my friends and talking about this scene (which I loved), they pointed me out the correct word. Hilarious.

It was too funny not to do a FROGS version of the original scene. *Evil lauhgs* I’m still laughing.

Enjoy this silly comic. It took me all weekend to do it. But I had so much fun!

Amy is my hero! Do you want to know more about this scene, how @missmayim had to prepare and her struggles? go to read @groknation ’s article about it!

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Wil Wheaton vs Sheldon Cooper #fanart #bigbangtheory #giveaway


My new color giveaway! From S6xE7 “The Habitation Configuration”, this concrete scene with this quote was requested by @bigbangenthusiast , the winner of October’s Patreon contest!

Do you remember the scene? hilarious!!

Wil Wheaton: Why are you here?
Sheldon: I’ll tell you. I’m from Texas. Need I say more?
Wil: Yeah, actually, a little more would be helpful.
Sheldon: You insulted my woman. I’m here to defend her honor. Two! It was two. (Knock, knock, knock) Wil Wheaton! Now prepare yourself for what may come.
Wil: Oh, Sheldon, do you really think we’re gonna fight?
Sheldon: My fists are not up here because I’m milking a giant invisible cow. They’re up to beat an apology out of you.
Wil: Okay, I’m sorry.

It was so so funny to draw this, hope you receive the drawing soon!

Have a fun #fanartfriday!! Still hiding from all social accounts until I can see the episdoes! I need to work anyway but ahhhhhhhh. Can’t wait!!!!!!

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