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Koi 🎏 🌟 🌟

My art. I missed drawing something more personal. I thought on doing this like a #drawthisinyourstyle but I wasn’t sure if you would be interested. What do you think? Would you like to draw her?

HQ scan, sketch, process drawings and wallpapers will be on November Patreon Pack ♥️

Made with copic markers and ink pen!

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Aquarium (September 2016)

Still one of my favourites I did from this episode, can’t believe it was on 2016, how time flies.

Enjoy it again!

Taping night again? I’m still amazed that last week I was there. To the ones that goes today, have fun!!! I have my best friend going today, hope she can go in!!

Lots of love from San Francisco, Regina



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