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Mayim and Addie (before she adopted her!). Repost from May 2016. As I want to join  #sideprofileselfie I wanted to draw her last profile selfie, but I can’t so reposting this one instead. Go to my instagram and swipe, there’s a photo of my profile too (sorry it’s old). I don’t have a lot of selfies to be honest, you can check my personal account @rginamt

missmayim wrote:

“I’m loving this #sideprofileselfie trend! I’m sharing my Roman nose in solidarity. Lets keep this up! Thanks to @radhikasanghani for starting this movement to end the prominent 👃 taboo.”

I’ve been insulted for my nose, body and corporal hair all my life (Thanks people for making me hate my body *sarcasm*).

Btw, I remember drawing Addie and I thought “this cat seems petrified!” And later we learnt all her story. Ah! and this pic is from Mayim’s Girling up tour.

Sorry, my mind is still thinking on the mess I have in my code right now, I need to refactor some stuff I did, so back to work. Have fun and be happy!

Happy Birthday @missmayim !! #mayimbialik #bigbangtheory #digital #portrait @groknation

I hope you like my gift! This is a digital portrait made with @procreate and love, lots of love 💕 Around 14h of work, but as always, worth all the effort and time. And as always too, It’s for you! Enjoy it! Wishing you an amazing birthday, with friends and family, and also with the tbbt cast and crew! Today is taping night right? I’m sure you will have an amazing time there and you will receive a lot of love! Also, happy Hanukkah too, my best wishes on your festivities.

As I always say, thanks for being yourself. And be true to what makes you, YOU. And thanks for playing Amy Farrah Fowler the way you feel her, because she is unique and we love it. I love it. And it inspired me everyday, you and her. I lost the count of all the hours I spend drawing, but the only think I know is that thanks to you, 2 years ago, I found again my passion for drawing. It was your portrait, that made me connect with this lovely and amazing fandom. And since then I couldn’t stop. literally. Thanks.

Thanks for being kind and always sharing things with us. Also for you likes, comments and fanartfridays you gave us. A way to connect with us, we truly appreciate it. I personally want to thank you for each one that was related to me, and also for publishing the story that @shamyartzzs wrote about us. Thanks.

Never stop sharing. I said it last year and I will say it again. If you really want to make Mayim a gift, start groking with her, go to her page, her youtube, you will always learn something new.

Original image—> Q&A interview for PopSugar, photo credit James Banasiak (@jbanasiak ), for the #girlingup tour.

Again, happy birthday to one of my fav people, who plays one of my fav characters! Keep being Strong, Smart and Spectacular. #forscience

With so much love, a proud grokite, Regina
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