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Shamy Addams (October 2017)- timelapse on my🌹

I always wanted to see Shamy cosplaying Gómez and Morticia (I love them so much!). Come on, now you want to see Sheldon with a moustache, do you?? 🤣

Sad to know we will not see it, but hey, I drew it for 2017 Halloween, so enjoy it again! I’ve seen that there will be a new Addams family animated movie? Hell yeah, I want to watch it!

And it’s Wednesday, so…. Have a terrific day!

Btw, yeah, I used to draw my digitals in BW and color them afterwards. I don’t work like this anymore, but it’s a great technique. Oh, and the original timelapse is 10 min duration, but I accelerated to make it fit in 1 minute. Remember you can have access to how I work on patreon, including timelapses and PSDs.  Thanks for helping me in my artistic journey.



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