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Gossip time! A new drawing of my fav ladies! It’s been a while not drawing them together!

What are they talking about?? About the guys for sure. hehe. This is based on a morning sketch of the ladies in one side and the guys in the other, Leonard, Sheldon and Howard very suspicious about what are they talking about, and Raj happy to not be the center of the gossip topic haha. he would probably prefer to be with the girls instead. I finally did a digital version of one of the parts, I miss them so much!

This reminds me a little to the drawing I did of Penny, Amy and Bernadette for my “Girls’ night” fanfiction a year ago. As I’m also drawing a Coopmelia comic, it feels like I’m thinking so much on that story! Did you read it? It was one of the most fun to write for me.

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