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Happy 4th anniversary @groknation @missmayim

I wanted to do a recap of the drawings I did the last years for Grok Nation anniversary. I always remember the date, I don’t even have a calendar reminder, I just remember it, and that is rare from me.

I know a lot of people followed me recently, so it’s story time!

I started following Mayim and being interested on TBBT on 2015, really late to join the fandom, but it was when it happened. I didn’t know about her personal project until some time later, and I tried to be supportive. I started meeting a lot of friends online thanks to this, and (as a lot of you already know) a big friendship started with another artist and Mayim’s fan, Selina. Swipe to see the article Selina submitted on Grok Nation 2 years ago, that got published!

You can read it here:

We met IRL 3 years ago and again in BCN. This year, in USA, after we both went to our last (for me first and last) TBBT taping. Sadly, we couldn’t go together, but we got to meet anyway a week later in San Francisco. I’m sure this won’t be the last time we met, right @selinazhu_2019 ?

On 2016, I even did a drawing for Selina, She and Mayim together like they were taking a selfie!

I want to thank Natalie, from Grok Nation, for always being super nice to me. When I went to the taping, she even let Mayim know I was there. I was super lucky to have a couple of minutes with Mayim (with my I’m with Mayim sweater, btw, she noticed it immediately hehe), swipe to see the pic in the end, it’s a fun photo, I love she was still dressed as Amy ♥️ thanks Mayim for your time, you were really nice to me.

I didn’t prepare a new drawing for today, but I did something for Mayim, that I hope someday I will know if it went well. Meanwhile, enjoy my old drawings!

If you want to appreciate Mayim today, go to her site, go to her youtube, subscribe to her channel, I’m sure she will be happy if you do.

Have a great day ♥️


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‪Mayim Bialik (drawing from August 2018 for @groknation anniversary)‬

‪I will miss drawing @missmayim loooong hair, even if that meant hours and hours to finish the portraits. But I’m ready for new photoshoots, give them to me!!‬

‪Maybe this weekend I can’t do a live session or I need to move it to another day. Stay tuned to my stories to know more.‬

I have pending do more portraits! I hope I will have time soon!!
‪**Please don’t use or repost my drawings without my permission, thank you.**‬‬‬‬‬‬
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‪Mayim Pokémon trainer & Psyduck ♥️‬

‪Did you read @groknation ’s article about Mayim loving Detective Pikachu? I didn’t, because it contains movie spoilers BUT LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOVE to know that Mayim is now a Pokémon fan. I am a Pokémon fan since the Gameboy Blue and Red Pokémon game in 1999 (I had the blue one). And I’ve been always truly obsessed with the Team Rocket (They are my favourites, love my gurl badass Musashi (Jessie)). My home in Barcelona is full of stuffed Pokémon, including a Pikachu and a Meowth bigger than a normal sized cat. ‬

‪Mayim, go to Japan, and please visit the pokémon center. ‬

‪Meanwhile, enjoy a quick version of you in animated Pokémon cartoon style with a Psyduck. *psyyyyyyduck*‬

‪And remember to prepare for trouble, and make it double! 🌹‬

‪An extract of her article: ‬
“I left the theater a changed woman. My first thought —precisely what the creators of Pokémon probably hoped for when they first created it— was that I needed to buy everything with Pokémon on it. I sounded like a crazed 4-year-old as we left the theater and I grilled my kids: “What can I buy? Is there a store? I want a T shirt. I want dolls. I WANT A MAYIM SIZED PIKACHU TO HOLD ME AT NIGHT.” And so on.
I found a new thing I love. I don’t know what will happen now. I kept saying “PsyDuck” as we made our way through a throng of people, at one of the most crowded places to go on Mother’s Day. Again, I would never go to this place, yet something drew me there.
That thing was Pokémon, and I am so thrilled I followed my instinct. I found a new thing at 43. Stay tuned. PsyDuck.”

‪Read all the full article here ‬

‪**Please don’t use or repost my drawings without my permission, thank you.**‬‬‬‬
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‪1 year ago Mayim released her book “Boying up”. And as always, I did an alternative cover, because why not? 😆 Superhero style! 💪🌟‬ swipe to see the composition and the original cover in my ebook.

‪You have no idea how fun was to draw this. Since the official cover was released, all I had this composition in mind. Mayim in the center and her boys running (or flying) around. ‬and yeeees I changed the boys color eyes as everybody criticized that I did them brown. 😆 I’m guessing blue but what I know? I have no idea 🤣 but you were insistent so…

‪How time flies, already a year passed since I drew this. Do you think she will work in more books now that tbbt is over? Let’s see!‬

‪Thanks for your birthday wishes yesterday!! so many messages and comments, but I answered all!!‬

‪I’m working on a big drawing, so I will repost more drawings these days. Have a nice day! ‬

‪**Please don’t use or repost my drawings without my permission, thank you.**‬‬
‪‪Get my drawings in HQ, PSD, videos —>‬‬‬‬
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‪Mayim Bialik pencil portrait (2016)‬

‪Who remembers this one? I drew it for @missmayim ’s birthday 2 years ago. How time flies! It was my avatar for some time and people thought I was Mayim LMAO.‬
‪The timelapse is still on my youtube channel, and somewhere on my timeline. Also on Mayim’s one, she reposted my video for fanart friday looooooong ago.‬

‪Kaley, Simon and Mayim birthdays are coming. I decided to prepare something for each one because I’m stubborn.‬

‪Curious about it? Posting it all on‬

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🎉Happy 3rd Anniversary @groknation! I did a new @missmayim digital portrait to celebrate it! Hope you like it! Here goes 13h+ of my life in a shape of a drawing lol. ‬

‪Why a portrait for today? Do I need an excuse? I wanted to draw this one since a long time ago! And all of my other ideas regarding Grok Nation involved the little blue brainy that I loved so much. I included it in my drawings on previous years, and the drawing I did for the web launch. I’m not good with change LOL. Just joking! But I miss it! Well, what I really wanted to say is that I think it’s brave to have personal projects, and more brave to make them happen, and grow, and to keep believing in them after years. So what I see is a brave and confident Mayim, like in this image, working for what she believes, sharing what she likes and what she thinks it need to be shared. Personal or otherwise, she shares a lot with us, and I think that’s really brave.‬

‪So happy anniversary to this project, that I’m sure it started as a hope, and it continues as an enthusiastic place for Mayim to be herself. I will continue enjoying the topics she shares there, not all of them, definitely not the grapes-that-burns recommendations, but yes to tech & nerd topics, to women and science, and more specially all The Big Bang Theory thoughts, feelings, behind the scenes and everything related to this show. Because it’s what I always look forward to see, to be honest. Come on, you know me already, I’m obsessed, what can I do?‬

‪Hope you guys enjoy my new portrait. Did you noticed I added the hair from the top of the head that is not on the original photo? Original pic from the photoshoot for Darling Magazine, I already did a pencil portrait of the other photo, do you remember it? I’m sure not, it was 2 years ago… not important.‬

🌟 ‪To Mayim and the Grok Nation team, enjoy! Regina‬

‪(oh and for the ones who read my silly thoughts, I’m sure nobody did, I will be live later drawing!)‬

‬💕‪ ‬

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IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! #amyfarrahfowler #fanart #bigbangtheory #shamy @missmayim @groknation

THANKS FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY WISHES!!!! Lots of kind words and beautiful messages! Thanks thanks thanks! Love them all!!

I’m so glad to have so many friends here, and I love to know that I make you smile with my art everyday! that’s the best thing ever!! You all encourage me to keep drawing and to keep writing!!! I’ll do my best! 💕

I’m going to draw now! Best thing I can do today haha, after eating pizza and ice cream of course! *wink wink*

Stay tuned for tomorrow, I have a surprise for @missmayim book release! She is already in NY for the tour! Hope you like it!

Getting #boyingup for me very soon!! Yay!!!

Support my art —> 🌟

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Mayim Bialik – digital portrait – made with procreate:

Hey! Did you know @missmayim will be live today at 4pm PT for a Q&A about @groknation? While you wait for it, you can watch a timelapse of my digital portrait of her! Complete video on my youtube channel! You can also read my bonus chapter of my fanfiction too!! already posted!!!!

She got your attention with cats, I tried with my best portrait. YES IT’S A DRAWING, swipe to see a preview of the video. This portrait took me 14h (not counting editing later.) Done with procreate + apple pencil + ipad pro. With my good hand of course. I published this one on her birthday. No idea if she saw it, she probably thought it was a photo, like a lot of you told me too *sighs*.

Mayim’s live it’s quite late for us (Europe in general, and not to mention Russia and Asia). Maybe I will connect a little, it’s 00 London time. Damn timezones differences, I have to work tomorrow.

I always did a drawing to thank her if she posted one of my drawings, I can’t do it now, but I’m posting this instead. Thanks Mayim. If you see this, enjoy the video.

Happy Sunday everyone! Enjoy the video too! If you like my drawings, consider to take a look to my patreon page (link in bio). Thank you!

Original image—> Q&A interview for PopSugar, photo credit James Banasiak (@jbanasiak ), for the #girlingup tour.

THANKS FOR ALL THE LOVE ❤️ 2 years and 1 month on instagram!
#fanart #bigbangtheory #amyfarrahfowler @missmayim @groknation

What can I say…. thanks thanks thanks for always being so nice with me and my artworks. I really appreciate it.

Quick (really quick and improvised!) drawing I did during my lunch time between work when I noticed the day.

I added some sparkling gel pen OF COURSE *addicted*

Remember you can support my work here —> 🌟

Have a nice day!

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Make a wish 💫 and have a happy New Year!

THANK YOU for this year, for all the love and support. Even with my health issues, I can’t finish better the year as I reached a goal on Patreon! I can’t believe it!! You guys are the best!!! I feel closer to my dream goal, my wish: to be able to devote my time to draw 🌟

So, thank you so much for your help, your likes, your love. And to my Patrons, for all they do for me. I promise I will work to create more content. I want to do a lot of things this year, I want to improve my skills, I want to do more videos and tutorials, I want to draw more and more, more fanart and more personal art. Thanks for being with me in this journey.

I drew myself again with “I’m with Mayim“ tshirt, the one I’m wearing right now (everytime I fly), so I will use the post again to thank @groknation and @missmayim, thanks to them a lot of people found me here and I found also a lot of friends! Love you guys, I’ve been less active and in a bad moment, but you know I love you all.

My best wishes to all for this 2018. Let’s go for it!

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