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Happy Birthday Simon Helberg 🎉 New pencil portrait to celebrate!!

Simon is seriously one of my favs, he always makes me laugh a lot. As you know, it was a long time not drawing pencil portraits until my last Kaley Cuoco one, so it was a pleasure and a struggle at the same time!! And you know who is next birthday right? I have another portrait prepared already!! check my patreon to see it.

Hope you like it!! Give me some feedback if you enjoy my work!! Thanks a lot!


HQ drawings & video timelapses —>

Original and prints —>

Magic! Can you believe I did these sketches 2 years ago?  😱 I just found them now and I’m still laughing. Yes, this is what inspired me to draw one of my recent sketches, remember the one Melissa reposted? These little ones were the origin haha.

I spied some HOWDINI magic show on last episode? Watching it later!! I’m curious! Have a good day!


HQ drawings & video timelapses —>

Original and prints —>

Art vs Artist 2017/2016 pencil portraits 

I want to do a throwback of my portraits, as I was surprised a lot of people didn’t see them before. Soon it will be 3 years that I started drawing fanart here, how time flies!

I don’t have a 2018 one (all main cast, only pencil portraits) but I’m starting to draw new portraits now, so maybe in 2019 I will have a complete cast one to do it again! Who knows! Would you like that? Let me know!

For now, A new Kaley Cuoco portrait is done, starting next one soon. You can see it already on

Thanks for your love on my art, with your support I can dedicate my time to improve my skills.

Btw, yes on the second image, it’s me 2 years ago. I’m wearing my im with mayim tshirt from groknation

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Reposting some old drawing while I work on new ones! One day I need to do a new version of this!!!!

Girls from February 2017 and Boys from May 2017.

Imagine a AU high school of the big bang theory!! I want an anime of tbbt soooo bad. And I want to do a comic book myself.  Imagine a manga of them, imagine fanfictions illustrated! omg I want to do it all.

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Happy Saturday! Thanks for all the love!!!!

Howardette – Mary Poppins ☂️ 

😆 I’m late for halloween but, come on! How I could NOT draw this! *evil laughs*

Enjoy my joke, I laughed a lot drawing this… and I’m drawing more! Check the other one I’m doing on *more evil laughs*

I hope I made you laugh! Please look at the umbrella’s expression! 😆🤣

Made with @procreate of course!

Enjoy your day!

‪Shamy as Howardette VS Howardette as Shamy LMAO‬

‪Partially based on yesterday’s episode. I DIDN’T WATCH THE EPISODE YET! But this idea was simply too funny to not draw it.‬

‪So as I saw Sheldon and Amy dressed as Howard and Bernadette this morning, and I already saw Howard as Sheldon days ago… I thought why not drawing both pairings? I really don’t know and I suspect Bernadette never dresses as Amy, I will see it tonight (don’t tell me PLEASE)‬

‪So yes, I spend all my morning doing this silly composition (quick, as I can’t use my laptop today), and the drawings… it was so much fun and also so difficult! I use hair a lot to make the difference between characters, it’s easier when you draw more simplified to use the hair that way, so changing hair means I need to use other facial characteristics to make the difference, and it’s not easy when you draw with this kind of style.‬

‪Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the episode, I plan to enjoy it tonight and laugh a lot.‬

‪Have a nice #fanartfriday‬ ‪🌟‬ ‪‪‬



‪‪‪ ‬‬‬



Sketch (2016) vs Finished (2018)

Remember my superheroes drawing? as I explained in my original post (in case someone reads), the original sketches are from 2016, and until now I wasn’t able to spend almost an entire month drawing the final version. My style changed since then, the sketches were done quite fast anyway, but I’m really happy how the final version looks like now. I have a more defined style I guess, what do you think? Sometimes I have different styles and I jump between them lol.

Hope it’s funny to see the difference now. Notice raj was super fabulous showing his butt to the public LMAO.

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🎉 Enjoy the premiere today! MY BODY IS READY!

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Saying Good-bye to The Big Bang Theory || Mayim Bialik:

Try not to cry 💔