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Knowledge is power!  #InternationalWomensDay (drawing from March 2018)

Hi from Los Angeles!! I didn’t want to finish the day without reposting this!! As I’ve been traveling, I couldn’t prepare a new drawing but… can you believe it’s been a year since THIS happened? below the post @missmayim did to announce @groknation new design with my special version of this drawing.

Long story short, for the ones who weren’t with me then, I was injuried for half a year of my hand/arm/shoulder/neck back then. It was painful to draw and I started drawing with my left hand (I’m right handed). I did this drawing 90% with my left hand, it took me longer than usual, but I did it!! Never give up on your goals, but also, take care of yourself and your health (don’t do like me lol).

I had this drawing for 2018 women’s day, but I did a special version of it for Mayim. She posted first! hehe It was amazing but it was super hard not to say anything to anyone about what I was preparing 😆

Enjoy it again, It’s still 8th of March here in LA. The flight was good, thanks for all your best wishes on my trip. It’s a dream to be here!

I’m too tired to continue writing, jet lag is already kicking hard.

“Knowledge is power” Happy #internationalwomensday. I was SO excited to share this with you. Did you see @missmayim post???? IT’S MY DRAWING!!

One year ago I posted a pencil sketch. My original sketch was Amy: she controls brains, she studies them, and she got into Sheldon’s brain too, right? *evil laughs*.

I changed Amy for Mayim, but with a mix of both. Purple for Amy but also for feminism. The blue brain for Grok Nation. “Knowledge is power” because as I said 1 year ago in my original post “Be smart, and keep learning. You have the power to do everything.” It’s never late to learn, It’s never late to start. So this is a summary of everything for me. Of both the character and the person, of what they represent to me. My personal view. You can see Mayim creating Grok Nation too, it’s your choice. LOL

This drawing is special for me, and more, after they asked me to use it to announce the new website. Yes! I had to keep the secret! I knew about the web, but not the new style. Remember my brain collaboration yesterday? I showed them that one too. Mayim liked it and they asked me to use it in her accounts *heavy breathing* *incoherent noises* yes, still excited for it! It means a lot to me. This morning, after I saw the website, I changed the style of the drawing, to match the new website.

THANKS Mayim, I’m glad you liked my drawing, to the point that you wanted to use it today. I appreciate it so much. Thanks to the @groknation team as well!

FUN FACT! I did this drawing 90% WITH MY LEFT HAND, with some help of my right hand. I challenged myself, and here you go, I did it. And you can do it too! Just keep going, keep learning, keep improving, keep fighting, and keep doing whatever you love. YOU CAN DO IT. So, go with this brain of yours and start working on your goals.