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Shamy as Amaterasu ☀️ & Tsukuyomi 🌙 

Shamy as Amaterasu ☀️ & Tsukuyomi 🌙 

I’m fascinated for the idea the winner of this giveaway asked me to draw. He suggested to draw Amy as Amaterasu (aka Sun God) and Sheldon as Tsukuyomi (aka Moon God). This is from Japanese Shinto mythology. I had to do some research, as I don’t know anything about mythology, and I did my own interpretation and I have to say that I loved it so much. Japan and Shamy? My fav mix! Also please, can we appreciate Amy as a Japanese Goddess? I’m melting, I want to marry my drawing lol. But instead, I will send my original to @ezequielarregui , enjoy it! a pleasure to draw it for you.

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Happy fanart friday 😊

Doll 🌸 #doll #japan #illustration —> https…

Doll 🌸 #doll #japan #illustration —>

Did I mention I love Japan? Planning to do some projects related.

Done with @procreate

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